Clara Hill

Clara Hill
Bournemouth University

Clara has found a niche in entertainment reporting and has interviewed celebs like Harris Dickinson, Ariana DeBose and the iconic daytime queen Lorraine Kelly

  • Clara would do anything to have lunch with Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda but would settle for Larry David
  • Clara is yet to perfect her Desert Islands Discs but it would definitely have at least one Taylor Swift song
  • Clara was once told she was cute by the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent when she was a baby


Clara began her journalism career amid the COVID-19 pandemic but soon discovered she would rather be talking about HBO rather than vaccines and thinks its marvellous that she gets to turn watching Girls of the Playboy Mansion and America's Next Top Model too young into a career.


Clara graduated from Goldsmiths with a BA in Politics in 2017 and then went back again for a Masters in Journalism in 2019, where her coverage of the general election cured her of ever wanting to ever work in the lobby.


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Felonies and OnlyFans: This is what the original Teen Mom girlies are doing now

Basically a lot!

People are convinced Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner have broken up, here’s why

They’ve not been seen together since January

Right, what is going on with Hailey and Justin Bieber and all these divorce rumours?

Was the 30th birthday post a sham?

Ok, so where on earth has Justin Bieber gone, and is he alright?

Is it too late now to say sorry?

Young Sheldon is getting a spin-off all about his big brother Georgie and his new family

The Big Bang Theory IS all about expansion of the universe

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They can’t all be in the latest blockbusters

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Brb just gonna hand in my CV at SUR

All the celeb romances that have casually been confirmed on the Taylor Swift Eras Tour

Barry Keoghan we see you!

The real owner of Dexter’s One Day cafe reveals the reality of it being a filming location

‘We’ve sold out most weekends but we are managing’

Meet Mark Estes, the 24-year-old football player and TikToker dating Kristen Cavallari

He loves fishing and country girls

Lala to Lisa: Here are all the Vanderpump Rules stars who have welcomed babies

Do they have a kiddie menu at SUR?

Okay, so what is actually inside a Brit Awards 2024 goodie bag worth nearly £7,000?

Charli XCX if there’s nothing you don’t want, DM me x

Here are the 2024 Brit Award nominated acts who went to private school

Jolly hockey sticks and pop bangers?

Uh oh, Hailey Bieber is said to be ‘pi**ed’ at her dad for posting about her and Justin

Stephen Baldwin, mind your business!

Forget the nepo baby, here are the nepo daddies clinging onto their celeb child’s fame

Using your kid’s fame is ok… sometimes

Omg, Leah McSweeney is suing the ‘rotted’ Real Housewives and Andy Cohen for damages

She says the culture ‘thrives off drug and alcohol abuse’ and it ‘wrecked her sobriety’

What happened to Danny Casolaro, the subject of American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders?

Depends who you ask!

A brief history of every time Adele has postponed a show, and the reason why

She’s rolling in the ticket refunds x

When was Kate Middleton last seen before she vanished from public and royal life?

Is she ok though?

Ok, so here’s everything we know about Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift’s historical beef

Is It Over Now then?

Taylor Swift just got called ‘demonic’, and here are all the Satanic reasons as to why

The kids are alright x

Aw, the actor who played Ian auditioned for One Day because it’s his wife’s favourite book

Wonder if she prefers her husband or Rafe Spall in the role?

Billionaires and Oppenheimer stars: Inside the dating life of the girls of St Trinian’s

Would Ms Fritton approve?

One Day: Here is a side-by-side comparison of the cast of the film and the TV series

Different talent, same feels x

Harry Styles, Dua Lipa and Doja Cat: What viral TikTok songs banked in royalties, ranked

Dare you to not get them stuck in your head x

Jessica Chastain to Billie Eilish: Here are the best fits at the Independent Spirit Awards

Anne Hathaway my 70s queen

Omg, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been slammed by PETA for going to the zoo

He can deffo talk to the animals tho

Ok, so here’s everything about those Meryl Streep and Martin Short dating rumours

Selena Gomez might have been right x

Omg, Jennifer Lopez was told not to wear *that* iconic green Versace gown to the Grammys

It’s why Google Images was invented, you know x

Ryan and Marissa to Dan and Serena: The teen drama couples who dated on TV and in IRL

Life imitating art x

Aww, Greta Gerwig is more sad about Margot Robbie’s Barbie Oscar snub than her own

Margot could still win tho x

Vanessa Hudgens to Zac Efron: The ex-Disney Channel stars who are actually still pals

That’s what friends are for!

From Matt Rife to Mr Beast: The content creators making the most bank in 2023, ranked

Signing up for YouTube asap x

Dexter and Emma’s love story completely ruined us, and these One Day memes prove it

David Nicholls look what you’ve done!

From Bridgit Mendler to Hilary Duff: All the ex Disney Channel stars who are now parents

These kids grow up so fast x

Omg, Billie Eilish got caught moaning about TikTokers being at the People’s Choice Awards

To Kylie Minogue as well x

Here’s everything Dexter and Emma get up to off screen in One Day

St Swithin’s Day comes just once a year

Ambika Mod speaks about the ‘blatant privilege’ in One Day, and how she relates to Emma

‘Comedy gave me everything’

Now you’ve finished crying, here’s where you can watch the cast of One Day next

Ambika Mod in This Going to Hurt… oof

Adele has finally addressed *that* meme of her ignoring the cameras at a basketball game

It’s not really a feel good story

From Sydney Sweeney to Chrishell Stause: The best looks at the People’s Choice Awards

Ice Spice… wow

​​’My deepest sympathies’: Taylor Swift donates $100k to Kansas City shooting victim’s family

Lisa Lopez-Galvan died at Super Bowl victory parade for Travis Kelce’s team

These are Timotheé Chalamet’s worst films, ranked by how low they score on Rotten Tomatoes

Let’s hope Dune: Part 2 doesn’t met these title’s fate

All Zendaya’s Dune red carpet outfits ranked, because this woman can do no wrong

She’s truly out of this world x

Every refreshing thing Sydney Sweeney has said about NOT being a nepo baby

‘I don’t have someone supporting me’

Tropical islands and five-carat diamonds: Inside Alex Cooper’s rich AF engagement

Call Her Mrs Kaplan x

The Office to 21 Jump Street: All of Dakota Johnson’s rogue cameos before 50 Shades

Don’t ask if she got them through nepotism x

Dakota Johnson’s ridiculously rich and famous family tree, explained

Old Hollywood stars and 80s icons x

The Barbie to his Ken: Inside the adorable family life of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

‘I never wanted babies before until I fell in love with Ryan’

If you loved One Day, you should watch these 12 films and TV shows next

And where to find them!

Ok, so is the new Netflix miniseries One Day actually based on a true story?

Why does it feel so real?

From One Day to Saltburn: Here are the worst accents in our favourite film and TV, ranked

Where are all the dialect coaches?

Here’s what your favourite The Real Housewives franchise says about you

Hope you already have a tagline picked out x

Blake Lively wore $500k in jewellery to the Super Bowl, here’s how much each piece cost

Taylor Swift and diamonds are a girl’s best friend x

We only saw a glimpse in the show, but here’s Dex’s One Day wedding speech in full

Thank god for source material x

From Taylor to Beyoncé: Here are all the celebs spotted in the crowd at the Super Bowl

It’s not just Taylor Swift and her squad!

Babies and businesses: Here’s what The Hills girls have been doing since the show ended

The rest is still unwritten x

All chief nepo baby Dakota Johnson’s tone-deaf interviews, ranked

Her candour is both a blessing and a curse x

Bobbi Althoff is apparently getting divorced because she is becoming too famous

No it wasn’t those Drake nudes

Omg, Barry Keoghan spoke about *that* Saltburn grave scene while on Hot Ones

He apparently likes to be ‘pushed’

Here is everyone that Kim Kardashian has dated since her divorce from Kanye West

He seems to be getting back out there so why not her?

Ok so, what is the drama between Bobbi Althoff and Drake all about?

It involves a mutual unfollow and aired DMs

Omg, Bobbi Althoff is getting divorced six months after the rumours she slept with Drake

Hold on we are going into it!

Ranked: The eye-watering net worths of the main cast of High School Musical

There’s not a star in heaven they can’t reach x

Jen Shah to Teresa Giudice: Here are all the biggest Real Housewives legal dramas

Does Bravo have a list of recommended lawyers now?

Taylor, Miley, Lana and Leo: Celebrities who love a cheeky vape and their favourite flavour

Would they let you have a go, though?

Ok, so here is everything you need to know about Drake’s latest leaked nudes saga

The things you learn that you never wanted to x

Here is a look inside the filming locations of the Netflix miniseries Griselda

The Cocaine Godmother ran Miami x

Inside the lavish carnival-themed birthday party Kylie Jenner threw for Aire and Stormi

Would you expect anything less?

Beyonce’s dad has piped up about *that* Grammy Album of the Year snub

Renaissance you were indeed robbed x

Girl power, wife guys and arrests: Every piece of drama from the 2024 Grammy Awards

Turn that up x

Explained: Celine Dion’s rare Stiff Person Syndrome and how it’s changed her life

A delight seeing this queen looking so happy at the Grammys!

So, here’s why Killer Mike was arrested after winning three Grammy awards

It could be related to his hat trick of gongs

This is how the actor playing hitman Jorge Ayala in Griselda got into character

Martín Rodríguez loved the drama of it all

Here’s how you can watch the Grammy Awards live in the UK

For the stans who have sleep issues x

Sorry, Taylor Swift shouldn’t win Album of the Year at the Grammys for Midnights

I will not be handing in my Swiftie card though x

Ok so, here is what happened to the Griselda hitman Jorge Ayala in real-life

It’s not a happy ending

Wow, Ariana Madix has been booked and busy since last season of The Vanderpump Rules

From breakup to Broadway x

​ So, what’s the true story of Ryan Murphy’s new series Feud: Capote vs The Swans?

Think Real Housewives if they could read x

Margot Robbie has finally spoken about *that* Best Actress Oscar snub for Barbie

This Barbie isn’t really that bothered x

‘I just wanted to be with her’: Griselda Blanco’s ex talks about their prison romance

She paid $1500 for a conjugal visit

Ranked: The huge net worths of the glamorous cast of The Vanderpump Rules

Does anyone want to buy me dinner at SUR?

Scandoval: Here is how The Vanderpump Rules drama broke and why it was such a big deal

It was a cheating scandal that shook the world x

From rumours to award show PDA: Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet’s love story

You all saw them at the Golden Globes, right?

Aw, Jonathan Bailey was brought to tears playing a raindrop in his stage debut as a kid

Phoebe Waller-Bridge got the full teary exclusive

Real Housewives spinoff is being sued over sexual assault allegations: Here are the claims

Production is accused of enabling the alleged sexual assault through silence and excessive drinking

Meet Amy Jackson, the 31-year-old Bollywood actress engaged to actor Ed Westwick

She’s an icon of the Mumbai film industry

No, Michael Cera is nothing to do with the skincare brand CeraVe despite the TikTok rumours

The stickers didn’t help the speculation x

Omg, the camera broke during that Florence Pugh and Cillian Murphy Oppenheimer naked scene

Thank god for intimacy coordinators!

So, here’s why Barbie is up for Best Adapted Screenplay at the Oscars instead of Original

She’s a doll with a lotta lore!

From local theatre to Mean Girls: Inside Reneé Rapp’s rise to fame

She finally got to meet the original Regina George x

Here’s how Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky plan to split their millions in the divorce

There’s no prenup!

Omg, Timothée Chalamet’s family apparently want him to dump Kylie Jenner

Was it the PDA at the Golden Globes?

Um, Kelly Clarkson had to pay her ex-husband $160,000 per month in her divorce settlement

After apparently saying she wasn’t sexy enough to be on The Voice too!

People are coming for Kylie Jenner and her apparent facial filler after video goes viral

‘Y’all keep making comments about women’s appearance and wonder why they keep getting fillers’

The real Cocaine Godmother’s family are suing Sofia Vergara and Netflix over new show

Griselda Blanco’s kids tried to stop it going out all together!

Omg, Tom Hollander was gagged when he got sent a seven-figure check meant for Tom Holland

Sounds like a GDPR violation to me

Eva Mendes has stuck up for Ryan Gosling getting a Best Actor Oscar nom for Barbie

He is more than Kenough to her

Sorry but Barbie wasn’t the biggest Oscar snub, Priscilla was

It’s enough now!

From racism to forgettable: Here are 15 of the most poorly aged Oscar Best Picture winners

The Academy really loves a white saviour in a car!

‘You never know where you’re gonna find it’ Sofia Vergara is ready for love post divorce

Joe Manganiello who?

Ryan Gosling and America Ferrera slam Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie’s Barbie Oscar snub

They have things to say!

Cheer star Monica Aldama’s son Austin has been arrested on child porn charges

This comes after ex Cheer star Jerry Harris was sentenced for 12 years on similar counts

Barbie, Oppenheimer and Poor Things: Here are all the 2024 Oscar nominations

Get your glam squads at the ready

‘Anything for money’: Kim Kardashian slated for Balenciaga deal after *those* BDSM pics

Go back to Balmain, love x

‘I’m not perfect, but I am proud to be who I am’: Selena Gomez claps back at body shamers

We love you Selena x

So who is Steve Kazee, Jenna Dewan’s fiancee that she is expecting a baby with?

Channing Tatum isn’t the only one from that marriage to have moved on

Omg, Hugh Hefner’s widow is spilling all the tea about her time with the Playboy founder

It was apparently disgusting in that famous mansion

Omg, Kelly Osbourne finally addresses *those* comments about Latinos cleaning toilets

In time for Donald Trump’s next go for The White House too

All the most high-profile celebrity believers and leavers of the Scientology church

There is a thing called the Sea Org and apparently it’s a big deal

Ranked: Kylie Jenner and her many hair colours by how iconic they are

Now that she’s gone pink x

Ok so, here’s why Lindsay Lohan might hate that firecrotch joke in the new Mean Girls

Gather round for some Y2k history

Here’s why Mean Girls wasn’t sold as a musical in its marketing

Til Someone Gets Hurt is an excellent shower song btw x

Lindsay Lohan is apparently demanding a joke be edited out of the Mean Girls movie musical

LiLo doesn’t think it’s ‘so fetch’

The funniest memes you have to see of the dress Aubrey Plaza wore to the Emmys

Some see high fashion, some see a canvas for chaos

Christina Applegate got a standing ovation at the Emmys when talking about MS diagnosis

A television icon x

Here is exactly what Pedro Pascal said about Kieran Culkin in censored Emmys moment

It was deemed too brutal for broadcast

Ok, so who was the green monster at the Emmys?

What are you wearing, love?

Here’s everything we know about the My Year of Rest and Relaxation movie

This BookTok fave has fans like Suki Waterhouse and is being brought to life by the people who gave us Saltburn and Barbie

Despite what Twitter says, no Ayo Edebiri isn’t actually Irish

Ireland seems to accept her anyway

Seven times Reneé Rapp was iconically unhinged on the Mean Girls press tour

Buddy, watch your back

Oscar buzz and co-star romances: What the cast of Riverdale are all up to now

Archie Comics you’ll always be famous

OMG, the Michael Jackson biopic is coming and his own nephew is playing him

Will it be Bad though?

The Amy Winehouse biopic trailer has dropped, and nobody is sure what to think

‘Hard pass. Rather remember her through her music’

Selena Gomez has a new biopic role! So who is 70s music icon Linda Ronstadt?

She was handpicked to play the part by the subject herself

Greta Gerwig thinks that sexist Golden Globes joke might have missed the point of Barbie

Duh, that’s the movie’s whole billion dollar appeal!

A Taylor Swift deepfake ad for Le Creuset went viral and loads of people fell for it

If it’s too good to be true, it most def is

Guys, 50 Cent has taken a vow of ‘abstinence’ for 2024 so he can focus

Might you still find him In Da Club though?

Selena Gomez loses followers after the Golden Globes while Kylie Jenner gains thousands

The data doesn’t lie

OMG, Reese Witherspoon says Big Little Lies series three is coming

They are getting the band back together!

OMG, we found out what Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet said at the Golden Globes

We still wanna know what Selena was saying more though!

11 of the funniest memes about the Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner Golden Globes shade

In another life without Wizards of Waverley Place, you could find her in a cubicle telling you TMI about your co-workers

From Christopher Nolan to Sex and the City: The biggest Peloton Hollywood drama

Celebrities and these bikes can mean trouble!

Guys, Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner hard launched at the 2024 Golden Globes

No awards for Timmy but he’s definitely unbothered

From Barbie to The Bear: Here are all the winners at the Golden Globes 2024

Cillian Murphy won Best Actor with his wife’s lipstick all over his face

Sorry, May December isn’t cancellable for not consulting the real life people in the story

They don’t need to like May December though!

Guys, a clip of Saltburn star Barry Keoghan has resurfaced and he looks totally different

Before he was causing chaos at Saltburn, you might have wanted to have kept your feline friends away from Barry Keoghan

Katt Williams called Kevin Hart an industry plant and he’s clapped back

Steve Harvey also got a pasting

There’s an actual petition to save Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and it’s nearly reached target

Heartbroken Kim Kardashian: Hollywood fans ask does anyone wanna work anymore? No, they don’t

Travis Kelce had ‘fun’ with Taylor Swift on New Years at huge family party

It was a family affair as Mama Kelce was also there

Kyle Richards admits she is up for ‘dating a woman’ on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle take a deep breath it will all be okay!

Kelly Clarkson claims her ex-husband said she wasn’t sexy enough to judge on The Voice

‘Well, a wife doesn’t forget a time she gets told she’s not a sex symbol’