50 Cent has taken a vow of abstinence for 2024 as he has so many business ventures he'd rather focus on

Guys, 50 Cent has taken a vow of ‘abstinence’ for 2024 so he can focus

Might you still find him In Da Club though?

50 Cent is “practicing abstinence” in 2024 and is swearing off sex to really concentrate on building his mogul status. 

The 48-year-old rapper is swearing off any sexual activity this year because he has a “new idea so big” it deserves every bit of him, including his sex drive, according to a pledge made on Instagram.  

50 Cent – whose real name is Curtis Jackson III – is all about himself for the next 12 months, so therefore, he “doesn’t have the time” to go out on the pull. Fair enough and you know what, he’s probably not alone. There’s a whole pop sub-genre dedicated to this sentiment. May I recommend some Self Esteem, Fiddy? Put on Priortise Pleasure or Compliments Please. Either will do the trick.  

According to the photo, the move has got him in a reflective era as he’s really deep in thought, cigar in hand in a wood-panelled bar and expensively tailored suit.

“I’m practising abstinence; I have been meditating and focusing on my goals,” he wrote underneath the picture posted to social media. “I hope this New Year helps you excel to the next level.”

In the caption, he also tagged two alcohol brands, Branson Cognac and the champagne maker, Le Chemin du Roi. 

Several hours later, an update followed in the shape of another portrait of himself, this time in streetwear and gold chain, holding a bottle of the spirit. The post has led to the belief his grand endeavour is related to his supposed celibacy. 

Supportive fans piped up in the comments, welcome to hear his decision to focus on the dollar instead of the ladies. 

“Stay focused, brother. We rooting for you out here,’ while another fan said, ‘Executive mode, mogul moves, positive vibes only!,” one wrote underneath the photo. Other commenters were enthused with anticipation for 50 Cent’s potential collab, adding they “couldn’t wait” to see what he had in store for them. 

While he is using business as an excuse to avoid the messiness of sex and love, it makes sense. Matters of the heart have not been 50 Cent’s recent friend as he split from his lawyer girlfriend Jamira ‘Cuban Link’ Haines after nearly five years together. Before they called it quits in October, engagement rumours swirled when she was spotted wearing a huge rock on her ring finger, but a rep shut them down to TMZ

“The ring is not an engagement ring, but the couple is very much together,” they told the gossip site in April. 

Last year, 50 Cent marked 20 years of his 2003 breakout hit In Da Club and his debut album Get Rich or Die Trying. The celebration’s biggest milestone was the six-month, 103-date The Final Lap world tour. Guests on the tour, which ran for the entire last half of 2023,  included 00s hip-hop icons Busta Rhymes and Eminem.

Along with his vow of celibacy and tour recovery, he is also working on a documentary exploring the many sexual assault allegations surrounding his music rival Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, who recently settled with his ex-girlfriend Cassie out of court just one day before the suit was filed.

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