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Selena Gomez alledgly telling Taylor Swift about how Kylie Jenner wouldn't let her take a picture with Taylor Swift has set Twitter alive

11 of the funniest memes about the Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner Golden Globes shade

In another life without Wizards of Waverley Place, you could find her in a cubicle telling you TMI about your co-workers

Hollywood’s awards season kicked off on Sunday night with the Golden Globes. The night’s big winners were Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, the HBO series Succession and people who love mess! In case you missed it, the main Golden Globes drama was Selena Gomez being caught on camera appearing to tell her bestie, Taylor Swift, that Kylie Jenner wouldn’t let her take a picture with her rumoured boyfriend, Timothee Chalamet.

What she said was not entirely confirmed, and for journalistic reasons, I have to point out that it’s been denied on all sides, yada yada. Either way, there was still a bit of hot tea shared between Selena, Taylor, and their third friend, Keleigh Teller, the wife of Miles Teller.

The moment set a certain corner of the internet ablaze because it was just so refreshing to see the biggest stars in the world, just having a little gossip!

For those not aware, here is a clip of Selena – who was nominated for Only Murders In the Building – dropping something spicy, widely believed to be about Kylie, in Taylor’s lap at the Golden Globes.

Much was made about how Selena Gomez reminded them of your office gossip, the one who hawks around the kitchen or lingers at her desk, perhaps reception waiting to pounce and stick her oar in your personal crisis. She probably works in HR or something clerical. Maybe accounts. Who knows.

She’ll get involved in your personal life, boss you around, but then reward you by gifting you the most salacious bit of intel about the company CEO, something she gleamed from being generally everywhere. Like how he’s going through a divorce and his kids not speaking to him.

1. Catching up at the water cooler

— aram (@aramnotagoat) January 8, 2024

— Bolu Babalola is technically on leave 🍯&🌶 (@BeeBabs) January 8, 2024

3. Kelly Kapoor goes to the Globes

Some pointed out other infamous office gossips from television history like Mindy Kaling’s star turn as Kelly Kapoor in the US Office.

There was a lot of appreciation for the theatre of the clip and how it managed to be done so theatrically despite the trio clearly forgetting they were being broadcast to millions. I’m sure there’s something about the beastily and oppressive nature of fame in there, but not now…

4. ‘You didn’t hear this from me….’ insurance policy

Some people focused on the blocking and gestures of the actual clip, while others were more focused on the central drama of the wider story, which recently came to a head in March last year. Kylie is good friends with Hailey Bieber, the now-wife of Selena’s ex-boyfriend and pop superstar Justin Bieber, and the pair seemed to mock Selena for her eyebrows after she had “accidentally laminated her eyebrows too much”.

It ended with Selena – who is one of the world’s most-followed people on various social media platforms – liking TikToks that dubbed the duo “mean girls” and a stan war breaking out. Part of the peace deal brokered between the former pals was Hailey losing one million Instagram followers, a price probably not paid gladly.

Anyway, some other people were zoning in that part of the drama and making quips about how they imagined Selena’s out-of-scene request for a snap with Timothee, who she co-starred with on the 2019 Woody Allen flick A Rainy Day.

5. Are you joking, love?

6. No photos please!

Selena and Timothee even share a kiss in the movie and reunited to urge their joint fanbase to vote during the last 2020 presidential election.

7. Boot block


Kylie is said to have first gotten together with Timothee over the summer. Doubt was cast over the genuineness of their relationship, with many believing it was mastermined by her momager Kris Jenner after she split from Travis Scott, the father of her two little ones Stormi and Aire.

However, criticism like this was pushed aside (by some) after they made their debut as a couple at one of the LA stops of Beyonce’s Renaissance tour. Timothee and Kylie were more interested in each other than the hottest ticket in town.

8. The Jessie J treatment

9. Another second piping cup from Selena about Kylie has maybe hit the Golden Globes

10. Potential for a breakaway?

11. The labour required to be a sleuth stan


God knows what the issue would have been! It can’t be as romantic as Selena is happily with her new boyfriend, Benny Blanco……who she posted all over her Instagram.

Who knows! We love seeing that stars are just like us… desperate to spill the tea!

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