Justin and Hailey Bieber aren't heading to divorce

Right, what is going on with Hailey and Justin Bieber and all these divorce rumours?

Was the 30th birthday post a sham?

Hailey and Justin Bieber are probably one of the most outwardly loved-up couples in Hollywood, so why are their names and divorce rumours mentioned in the same sentence? They constantly showcase their undying love for each other on social media and in legacy print media. However, there have been whisperings of trouble in paradise. Was their recent visit to the Super Bowl all for the cameras? Is true love dead?  Well, if you want an explanation, you’ve come to the right place because I am about to break it down and explain why so many people think Hailey and Justin Bieber are facing divorce rumours.

The divorce speculation was provoked from Justin and Hailey’s own family ranks

See, Hailey’s father is the actor Stephen Baldwin, who is partial to sharing his thoughts via front-facing-to-camera Instagram Reels. He also loves to share on his Story. Most of his posts are unremarkable. However, he recently did put something there that caught people’s attention: A video posted by his pastor, Victor Mark, of Justin singing. In the caption, Victor had written: “Christians, please, when you think of Justin and Hailey, take a moment to offer a little prayer for them to have wisdom, protection and draw close to the Lord.” According to TMZ, Hailey was said to be spitting feathers about her dad posting this.

Anyway, the request and the overall vagueness sparked many questions. It was only back in September that Justin celebrated five years of wedded bliss in a very gushing anniversary message on social media, labelling her his “beloved” and detailing how much he loved her “with every fibre of my being”. In May last year, Hailey told The Sunday Times that she was desperate to have kids with Justin but was scared of them growing up in the limelight.

Ok, so who noticed what Stephen Baldwin posted on Instagram?

Well aside from his 500,000 followers, loads of people. One was the celebrity gossip channel Hollywire. On its TikTok channel, it suggested that Hailey herself was adding to the speculation herself. Hollywire argued that Hailey re-sharing a lighthearted social anxiety meme, all about how when she says “no worries if not” she is “actually worrying both ways plus a secret third way” meant she had called a divorce lawyer. Obviously, no other reason could possibly be the explanation.


Hailey Bieber HINTS She’s Divorcing Justin Bieber?! #haileybieber #justinbieber #fyp

♬ original sound – Hollywire

Adding to theory, Hollywire mentioned that Hailey included a screenshot of a text that reads “he is inconsequential to my existence” in a photo dump on Instagram. After they invited people to sound off their own thoughts in the comments, Hailey herself piped up, commenting, “You guys are obsessed!!!!!!.” topped off with a laughing emoji. Her comment got more than 8,000 likes and counting.

What have others been saying about Hailey and Justin apparently heading for divorce?

The rest of the comment section was filled with people jumping to defend Justin and Hailey’s marriage. Someone wrote: “I promise you my girl Hailey is too classy for her to take marriage problems online she has a life outside of him.” Another person added: “This couple will never divorce and even if something happens and they wanted to breakup they won’t because of how everyone is wishing on their downfall.”

“Feel like the more hate they get the stronger their relationship comes. Also, Hailey commented. She and Justin prob laughing right now,” a third person commented.

Have they done anything to shut the speculation down?

Hailey took to Instagram to squash it all dead, writing on her Story: “Just FYI, the stories and constant ‘blind items’ I see on TikTok are 100 per cent of the time wrong. Made out of thin air… Come from the land of delusion… So I know it may be fun feeding into these stories but just know they’re all false xx sorry to spoil it.”

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