Young Sheldon spin-off

Young Sheldon is getting a spin-off all about his big brother Georgie and his new family

The Big Bang Theory IS all about expansion of the universe

Young Sheldon is getting a spin-off! Yes, the world of The Big Bang Theory is getting bigger and bigger with the confirmation of another show from the world created by producer Chuck Lorre. The news should wipe away the tears of those sad about the end of Young Sheldon when its seventh season concludes this May.

According to Deadline, the as-yet-untitled show will follow Sheldon’s older brother Georgie Cooper and his wife Mandy McAllister and their adventures in starting a family in Texas with their baby daughter Constance. They will be played by Montana Jordan and Emily Osment, who play the same parts in Young Sheldon. Montana even made a cameo in the original series, which starred Jonathan Galecki, Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons as the older version of Iain Armitage’s titular spin-off character.

Young Sheldon spin-off

This announcement comes after another series connected to the life of Sheldon Cooper was reported to be in development in January by Deadline. Executives were said to be working on securing Montana and Emily as leads for the 13-episode first season, which does not yet have an expected debut. The show’s producers Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro and Steve Holland said in a joint statement: “The world of the Cooper family has been incredibly special to us. We’re very excited to continue their stories.”

Reactions to the Young Sheldon spin-off have been low energy. Some people have called the decision to greenlit one a “flop” and “uninspired”. Some were just quite unsure about Georgie being the one to get the follow-up treatment as they would have preferred another one, such as Sheldon’s sister Missy, played by Raegan Revord.

Georgie and Mandy’s origin story is one of classic sitcom hijinks or what some might dub lies and deceit. See, they met when high school dropout George was working in Meemaw’s laundromat. However, Mandy didn’t discover he was 17 instead of 21 when he was pregnant with their baby.  Eventually, Georgie got back into her good books, leading to their engagement after they welcomed their bundle of joy.

What mishaps they could continue to get involved in is up in the air. In The Big Bang Theory, Georgie was introduced as a twice-divorced store owner, played by Jerry O’Connell. This could mean there is probably limited material writers will have with Georgie and Mandy’s happy marriage, but there’s probably lots of scope for more comedy. Also, the Young Sheldon team have spoken before about not being bound by the lore outlined in the Big Bang Theory, so who knows?

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