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Greta Gerwig thinks Barbie being a big boobs punchline is rather missing the point of Barbie

Greta Gerwig thinks that sexist Golden Globes joke might have missed the point of Barbie

Duh, that’s the movie’s whole billion dollar appeal!

Barbie director Greta Gerwig has weighed in on Jo Koy’s controversial joke at the Golden Globes about her record-breaking film and called it “not wrong” factually. 

This comes after Jo – who was met with less than rave reviews about his hosting the ceremony on Sunday night – was met with particular ire for dubbing the 2023 summer blockbuster about the beloved children’s toy as merely to be about “a plastic doll with big boobs”. 

In one of his on-stage monologues, the comedian quipped that it was interesting that Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer was“based on a 721-page Pulitzer Prize-winning book about the Manhattan Project, and Barbie is on a plastic doll with big boobies.”

Fans of the film – which starred Margot Robbie in the title role with support from an extra charming Ryan Gosling, America Ferreria, Kate McKinnon and what felt like everyone else – lambasted the presenter, calling his conclusion “sexist”, “disgusting” and entirely missing its central message about girlhood, growing up and being human.

However, Greta, who both co-wrote and produced the billion-dollar box office smash, finds the summation to be quite accurate because the Mattel doll’s unique selling point was to allow little girls to imagine life as adults.

“Well, you know, he’s not wrong,” Greta said with a laugh while appearing on BBC Radio 4’s Today. “She’s the first doll that was mass-produced with breasts so he was right on.

“And you know, I think that so much of the project of the movie was unlikely because it is about a plastic doll… Barbie, by her very construction, has no character, no story; she’s there to be projected upon,” she added.