You should watch these next after One Day

If you loved One Day, you should watch these 12 films and TV shows next

And where to find them!

Have you just gobbled up all 14 episodes of the new Netflix series One Day, and you need something to watch next? Have you already ordered the book that first introduced us to Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall’s characters Dexter and Emma, by David Nicholls? Has it not helped? Are you still lost?  Bereft? Well, you’ve found yourself in rom-com recommendation heaven! Here is what you should watch next after finishing One Day.

1. When Harry Met Sally

It is the original and probably the best enemies-to-friends-to-lovers story of all time. Aside from that, you can’t call yourself a rom-com stan without viewing this Nora Ephron classic. An education in love, humour, friendship and cinema waiting for you on Amazon Prime.

2. Love, Rosie

If the thing that appealed to you about One Day was the slow burn, will-they-won’t-they part of it, you can’t really go wrong with this adaption of the book Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern. A disclaimer: you might get feels for nostalgia for Sam Claflin’s teeth pre-veneers when you stream this 2014 movie on Amazon Prime.

3. You’ve Got Mail

What can I say? Nora Ephron knows her rom-coms! Again, this is a must-watch for fans of the genre! Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are legends for a reason! I cannot recommend you rent or buy this on Amazon Prime whenever you get a chance.

4. Colin From Accounts

This Aussie gem is like One Day, but swap out the University of Edinburgh for a dog getting run over. It’s probably about 1000 times funnier but still has the same level of charm, wit and warmth. I watched all six episodes, currently streaming on BBC iPlayer, three times last year, and it never lost its magic.

5. New Girl

Maybe a left-field option, as it isn’t known for being a tearjerker or traditionally romantic. However, it’s proof that sometimes being beautiful takes time and embarrassing yourself in front of the roommates you live with in a Los Angeles loft. All seven seasons are on Disney Plus.

6. Starstruck

This Rose Matefo series, which is all three seasons are available to watch right now on the BBC iPlayer, helped argue that maybe the slow-burn romcom is best suited to the telly. It tells the tale of a woman with a one-stand with a celeb and the cringe aftermath.

7. Us

If it’s the David Nicolls effect you are after, well, guess what? One Day wasn’t the first television series to be inspired by one of his works of romantic fiction. Instead of a long, arching get-together story, this one tells the tale of a husband trying to save his family with one last holiday as his wife threatens to leave him, and their son heads off to university. After debuting on the BBC, it is now on Amazon Prime.

8. Normal People

You can have a list of recommendations about rom-com between two tortured people without adding this classic miniseries based on the Sally Rooney book that defined the first COVID-19 lockdown. Marianne and Connell are so annoying in such a human way, that you can’t help getting swept away. It is still waiting for you on the BBC iPlayer.

9. Rye Lane

This is a gem of a rom-com, a modern classic, if you will. Using the iconic South London areas of Brixton and Peckham, it tells the story of two people who met by chance and got to know each other by engaging in shenanigans for an evening. A long overdue representation for both Lambeth, Southwark and Black love on screen. Catch it on Disney Plus.

10. Saltburn

Okay, this isn’t a rom-com, but it might be a good film pick for you if you really enjoyed all the little references to toffs, poshos and all that stuff. If you’ve ever wanted to play ‘Are You There, Moritary’ or are obsessed with people who actually went to Winchester School and know about things like St Swithin’s Day. Find it and what everyone’s been talking about on Amazon Prime.

11. This is Us

Want to binge an epic family saga that spans loads of seasons with great writing and a cast? Boy, have I got the thing for you! This show, which follows the life of the Pearson family, has six series so that you won’t get the crash from just 14 episodes. It stars Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore and Justin Hartley, the man who broke the heart of Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stausse. It’s also on Disney Plus and Amazon Prime.

12. One Day

Well, this might be cheating, but if you loved the Netflix series and now feel a Dexter and Emma-shaped hole in your life, it might be an idea to go back to 2011 and watch the film version. Warning: Anne Hathaway’s Yorkshire accent is verging on a hate crime to the north of England. You can buy or rent it on Amazon Prime.

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