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Dakota Johnson is serving on the Madame Web tour

The Office to 21 Jump Street: All of Dakota Johnson’s rogue cameos before 50 Shades

Don’t ask if she got them through nepotism x

Dakota Johnson has been ripping up the press tour rule book while promoting the new movie Madame Web.  These infractions include appearing to disdain the Marvel franchise she is now a part of and complaining about journalists’ quite reasonable questions about her Hollywood background. Whatever one might think, she has been giving out iconic line after iconic line. One of them was the assertion that her guest spot on the finale of the US Office in 2013 was “the worst time” of her “life. Apparently, being an extra is not fun! However, the laughter melted into wondering what other roles she had done before shooting to superstardom in Fifty Shades of Grey. Turns out there’s more than you think! Some of them are quite fleeting, and others you cannot miss! Here are the most rogue roles Dakota Johnson had done before she became known as Anastasia Steele to Jamie Dornan’s Christian Grey.

The Office

Dakota did not have a good time on set for the last-ever episode of the NBC sitcom where she played the temp filling in for Dunder Mifflin accountant Kevin. One might feel sorry for her if it didn’t sound like just a normal day working in an office, which most people do on the reg.

The Five-Year Engagement

Dakota played Jason Segel’s character Tom’s rebound relationship with Audrey in this 2012 rom-com. In the film, she gets dumped so he can get back together with his ex-fiancee Violet, played by Emily Blunt. This rather forgettable flick is literally packed with some people who went on to have huge careers, like Chris Pratt and others, so a flop isn’t always the end of the world!

21 Jump Street

Dakota had a small role as Fugtazy, another undercover detective who is much better at being an undercover detective than the ones played by Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. She is blonde so you might not have recognised her but now you will, so you’re welcome!


Dakota appeared as mean girl Sloane Hagen alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer in this 2011 spin on the classic fairytale Beauty and The Beast.

The Social Network

Before her 50 Shades fame, Dakota snagged a role in the prestige 2010 Mark Zuckerberg origin story as Amelia Ritter. Dakota’s character is really excited to find out she slept with the founder of Napster Sean Parked, played by Justin Timberlake in his actor era.

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