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The Brit Awards 2024 involves a lot of freebies

Okay, so what is actually inside a Brit Awards 2024 goodie bag worth nearly £7,000?

Charli XCX if there’s nothing you don’t want, DM me x

The Brit Awards 2024 is this weekend, and the celebrations are already kicking off. Do you know what a celeb-packed party implies? Yes, you guessed it: Goodie bags. With countless parties to celebrate one of the biggest nights in British music, there will be countless freebies doled out to people who, let’s face it, don’t really need it! We’ve found one, a Brit Awards 2024 pre-party hosted by Warner Music at the Nomad Hotel in Covent Garden. Let’s take a peak at its very pricey contents, estimated to be worth at least £7,000.

Dinner at the NoMad Hotel for two

It’s very funny to think they will all book on the same day.

A year’s Everyman Cinema membership  – £650

Aren’t these people already getting BAFTA and Oscar screeners?

Ned Vault membership and £500

You can tell this one is fancy because they don’t list the amount they’d pay in fees on the website.

 Original Phillip and Charlotte Colbert artwork

Oooh, some custom swag that maybe only Raye, Charli XCX, et al get to have?

Dr Haus Dermatology skin consultation and £1,000 off its Ultherapy Skin Tightening treatment

I feel like getting this for someone at that party is like buying your nan some knitting needles… like they must already have it.

A gift from DKNY

But is it just cast-offs from last season? The bits of samples they couldn’t sell?

Ouno App chauffeur car voucher – £300

No, I don’t think The Last Dinner Party or Raye will Uber to The Brit 2024 Awards.

Dr Levy Booster Serum – £280

For this price, it better give you a totally new face.

Mahsa LED Light Activated 3in1 Kit teeth whitening kit- £179

As long as this stops people getting veneers, I say okay!

Exclusive Ciroc Vodka made for the Warner Music Brit Awards party

I feel like vodka is vodka, no?

D.S. and Durga Candle – £60

I feel like vodka is vodka, no?

D.S. and Durga Candle – £60

To tell you what, this sounds very scary, and I’m not even the slightest bit jealous!

A secret gift from the fashion brand Aries Arise

It is too exclusive for us normies to even know about!

Olivanna Instant Hydra Glow Mask – £80

Some very bougie sheet masks that must be fun to try out and not repurchase ever again!

Fjor Hydrolytic Enzyme Powered skincare

I do remember Caroline Hirons talking about the importance fo enzymes at some point.

Kodak Step Touch Instant Print camera – £149.99

How nice they added some film!

Revive Moisturising Renewal cream – £150

What does this renew? My mum’s car insurance?

The NoMad Hotel Cocktail Book – £21

I can totally see Dua Lipa leaning into her mixologist era at her next dinner party that she posts on Instagram.

Timex Watch

I love a bit of affordability in there!

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Perfume – from £85

I wonder which one of their pricey scents they included?

Loop Experience Plus Earplugs – £39.95

The thing is, if you go cheap or if you go expensive, you still lose them eventually, so an extra pair will probably not go a-miss.

Royal Fern Retinol Serum – £170

Does The Ordinary’s one not just do the same thing?

Discotheque Fragrances candle – £54

Another very fancy candle for a very fancy array of music industry folk all meeting up before the Brit Awards 2024, is it?

De-liver-ance: Antioxidant Liver Detox Supplements – £23.99

You simply drink the wee bottle, then a bottle of water and then feel like a pop star I imagine!

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