Greta Gerwig is sad that Margot Robbie is not nominated in the Best Actress category at the Oscars

Aww, Greta Gerwig is more sad about Margot Robbie’s Barbie Oscar snub than her own

Margot could still win tho x

Greta Gerwig has said she really wanted Margot Robbie to be given the Best Actress nod at the Oscars. In the same interview, she said she was at peace with her award nominations despite them not including Best Director.

“Of course, I wanted it for Margot,” she told Time magazine for their Women of the Year issue. “But I’m just happy we all get to be there together,” before recalling how her friend’s mum had expressed their shock that she hadn’t been included in the film’s nomination sweep, to which she replied: “But I did, I got an Oscar nomination. She was like, ‘Oh, that’s wonderful for you!’ I was like, ‘I know!'”

Barbie is up for eight awards at the Academy Awards at the ceremony on 10 March. It is the fourth most-nominated movie at the show, trailing behind Oppenheimer, Poor Things and Killers of The Flower Moon.

When the nominations were announced back in January, there was much outrage about the so-called misogyny of Margot and Greta being snubbed from their respective categories of Best Actress and Best Director. Greta is more than pleased with her name being a part of Barbie’s Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay, which she co-wrote with her now-husband Noah Baumbach, nods.

Barbie’s on-screen talent didn’t go completely unrecognised by the Academy. Ryan Gosling was included in the Best Actor portion for his portrayal of Ken, a move that his wife Eva Mendes defended in a sweet Instagram post. America Ferrera snagged a Best Support Actress nod for playing Gloria. They even piped up to say the decision to omit Margot was mad.

Greta Gerwig is more sad for Margot Robbie than herself at the Oscars

These comments from Greta come after Margot herself revealed that she wasn’t that bothered about not getting her name included with the rest of the leading ladies in the Best Actress list. However, she did note it was sad that Greta was not nominated for directing, telling the Los Angeles Times. “As a producer and her actor, I would have loved to see Greta nominated for directing. Of course. But she did become the first director to have their first three solo directorial efforts nominated for best picture, which is pretty historic. She cracked the code on this film, as only she could. It is such a singular vision, and Greta brought so much humanity, creativity, inspiration, magic and joy to Barbie. And it’s because of her we’ve all received such acclaim.”

Margot also spoke about loving the pop cultural impact the highest-grossing film had. It sparked trends like Barbiecore and the Barbenheimer, the much-memed double bill with Christopher Nolan’s biopic starring Cillian Murphy.

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