Barry Keoghan was cat killer before he wowed us all in Saltburn

Guys, a clip of Saltburn star Barry Keoghan has resurfaced and he looks totally different

Before he was causing chaos at Saltburn, you might have wanted to have kept your feline friends away from Barry Keoghan

You can run and you can hide, but you can’t escape Saltburn star Barry Keoghan, and neither can he in this clip from over 10 years ago.

What constitutes his big break might be a heated debate; was it his BAFTA-winning turn as town weirdo Dominic Kearney in the 2022 Martin McDonnagh tragicomedy The Banashees of Inisherin, or was it as social climber Oliver Quick in Emerald Fennell’s 2023 homage to The Talented Mr Ripley and 00s pop culture? 

Are you more of a fan of the ‘Oh well, there goes that dream’ meme or THAT bathtub scene? Either way, this is not the point. What is that you need to see this decade-old clip of Barry as a baby-faced 20-year-old in the Irish telly drama Love/Hate. 

The role – which he did more than a decade ago in 2013 – involved his character Wayne shooting a cat dead, with a bloody machine gun no less, before running off in hysterics. However, kitty karma soon came for him as he later met his own demise before the credits began to roll. 


This scene from the opening of Love Hate series 4 is FOREVER burned into our brains… 😭 (We can’t show you the full scene here, but you can watch all five seasons of Love Hate over on rteplayer) #barrykeoghan #irishtv #beforesaltburn

♬ original sound – RTÉ One

The clip has begun to resurface on TikTok as the popularity of Saltburn aka posho Skins only grows as it dropped on Amazon Prime Video over the festive period.

The 31-year-old actor himself has admitted that he’ll probably “never get away from that cat” despite filling out his CV with much more illustrious roles alongside industry titans like Richard E. Grant, Colin Farrell, Rosamund Pike and the hottest fresh blood like the oh-so enchanting Jacob Elordi. 

‘I’ll never get away from that cat,” Barry said in 2016. 

“I was in the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey about two years ago,” he continued while appearing on the Ray D’Arcy Show on RTE Radio One. “I think there were about 90,000 people there, and someone pulled me and said, ‘You’re the guy that shot the cat.’”

Barry added: “I just thought, ‘Ah, here, I’m halfway across the world, and someone said it.'”

However, Barry – who also appeared in Christopher Nolan’s war epic Dunkirk, Marvel’s Eternals and so many other roles  – assured listeners that he is “not like that in real life”, which are relieved to hear!

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