Ok so, here is what happened to the Griselda hitman Jorge Ayala in real-life

Ok so, here is what happened to the Griselda hitman Jorge Ayala in real-life

It’s not a happy ending

The Netflix miniseries Griselda has got everyone talking about the real-life story that inspired it, so many questions have circled about the fate of the hitman Jorge Ayala, played by Martín Rodríguez.

Who was the Griselda hitman Jorge Ayala?

Jorge, who went by the nickname Rivi, was an essential part of the cocaine cartel run by Griselda Blanco. You can’t become one of the first girlboss drug lords without a little teamwork. However, Jorge, who was born in Colombia but was brought up in Chicago, didn’t always work for Griselda. He cut his teeth working for one of her bitter rivals before joining the Medellin cartel. He ended up becoming a trusted confidante of Griseldea, who proved herself more likely to depend on him and his crew than anyone else. Along with killings, his job description included the role of ‘enforcer’, which means you would see him if you didn’t pay up.

What did he go to prison for?

During his time working for Griselda, Jorge was believed to have been responsible for more than 30 murders. Eventually, he was arrested in 1982 in connection to a bank robbery. Later, he was charged with three murders. These included the death of a two-year-old boy, Johnny Castro. Jorge is thought to have killed him in Miami when he was aiming for his father, Jesus, on the instruction of Griselda.

While on trial, Jorge pleaded guilty to three murder charges and supplied information that led to Griselda’s eventual arrest. This move was done, in part, to avoid the death penalty. In lieu of capital punishment, in 1993, he was ordered to life in prison with the chance of parole after serving 25 years. He also became the star witness in the trial of Griselda Blanco.


Did he get any time off for ratting her out?

He almost did! While all this was going on, Griselda had already begun her 15-year sentence in prison after being convicted in 1985 of manufacturing, importing, and dealing cocaine in the United States. However, thanks to this case and Rivi’s testimony, more jail time was added.

The effort to keep Griselda behind bars was sabotaged by a phone sex scandal that Jorge was at the centre of along with three secretaries working at the Miam-Date State Attorney’s Office. After the trio were fired for allegedly having sexually charged phone calls and receiving presents from Jorge, the proceedings against Griselda were considered to be too tainted. Eventually, Griselda managed to come to a plea deal of her own.

Griselda was released from prison in 2004 and deported back to her native Colombia. She was assassinated by a hit in 2012 aged 69.

Where is the Griselda hitman Jorge Ayala now, then?

At the moment, Jorge is sitting in Suwannee Correctional Institution in the Florida town of Live Oak. In 2012, he attempted to get parole, but his application was denied. In 2013, he tried unsuccessfully to have his sentence reduced, and his lawyer, Jim Lewis, admitted that his client would probably “die in prison”.

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