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Here is Dexter's wedding speech in full from One Day

We only saw a glimpse in the show, but here’s Dex’s One Day wedding speech in full

Thank god for source material x

The new Netflix series One Day has just dropped to massive buzz, but what was Dexter writing as his wedding speech to Emma?

The moment which sees Emma, played by Ambika Mod pick up and skim-read the piece of paper in the printer. The document is actually Dexter, played by Leo Woodall, having a go at etching out a skeleton and what he wants to say about her at their upcoming nuptials. However, it is a bit blink, and you’ll miss it. If you’re desperate to know, well, you’re in luck because the new 14-episode is actually based on a book of the same name. Its author, David Nicholls, gave us an insight into what Dexter had actually typed on those notes that Emma sneakily gets a peek at before their big day.

Here is what Dexter wrote for Emma in his wedding speech notes in One Day

“After a whirlwind romance! etc. How we met. At same Uni but never knew her. Seen her around. Always angry about something terrible hair. Show photographs? Thought I was a toff. Dungarees, or did I imagine. Finally got to know her. Called Dad fascist.

“Great friends on and off. Me being an idiot. Sometimes don’t see thing in front of face.(corny). How to describe Em. Her many qualities. Funny. Intelligence. Good dancer when she does but terrible cook. Taste in music. We argue. But can always talk laugh. Beautiful but doesn’t always know it etc etc. Great with Jas, even gets on with my ex-wife! Ho ho ha. Everyone loves her.

“We lost touch. Bit about Paris.

“Finally together, whirlwind romance nearly 15 years later, finally makes sense. All friends said told you so. Happier than ever been. Pause while guests vom in unison.

“Acknowledge second wedding. Get right this time. Thank caterers. Thank Sue Jim making me welcome. Feel like an honoury northerner gags here etc. Telegrams? Absent friends. Sorry Mum’s not here. Would have approved. At last!

“Toast to my beautiful wife blah-di-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.”

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