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Taylor Swift just got called ‘demonic’, and here are all the Satanic reasons as to why

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Taylor Swift has been accused of performing Satanic rituals by a member of the now-defunct boyband Boyzone on the multi-billion dollar The Eras Tour.

See, according to him, Taylor is not entertaining her millions of fans worldwide with her back catalogue of infectious pop bangers, country twangers, and everything in between but is actually trying to showcase her allegiance to Luther himself.

This is what Shane Lynch, one-fifth of the 00s pop group and evangelical Christian of more than 20 years, continued his track record of pointing out the so-called spiritually “evil” side of the pop industry. Previous targets of his ire have included Beyonce, Sam Smith and Kim Petras. His latest one is none other than the pop star of the moment, Taylor Swift. He made the statement while chatting to the Sunday World newspaper. During his interview, Shane said: “Even down to Taylor Swift — one of the biggest artists in the world — you watch one of her shows, and she has two or three different demonic rituals to do with the pentagrams on the ground, to do with all sorts of stuff on her stage.”

Shane added: “But to a lot of people, it’s just art, and that’s how people are seeing it, unfortunately.”

This left many people scratching their heads. However often defeating someone’s argument means you need to understand their perspective. So here’s an investigation into what on earth he was talking about. Here are all the reasons one could argue that Taylor Swift is actually indeed demonic.

The shape of the stage

Shane directly called out the “pentagrams” and cited “all sorts of stuff on her stage” while on his soapbox. Yes, the stage has five sides and has a history of representing the occult. Or, controversially, it could be because it allows for the best view for all the thousands upon thousands of people in the crowd. Less evil, I know, but better for those in the nose bleeds?

The amount of red

Taylor’s relationship to the colour red could probably be a book at this moment. It’s a colour she likes to paint her lips, she has a whole album named after the devilish hue and then continues to reference in songs like Daylight (I once believed love would be burning red but its golden). If you’re Shane, her affinity for it probably is a ‘demonic’ red flag, but if you’re a Swiftie, you just… get it?

The costumes with hoods

Everyone, from Taylor to her backup dancers, dons a hood at some point during the over three-hour bonanza that is The Eras Tour. Could it be because she’s secretly a demon, OR could it be because it adds heightened drama and theatre to a show that spans 17 years and ten albums? Who knows?

The Swiftie chants


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♬ original sound – Victoria Garrick Browne

Any Taylor Swift fan worth anything knows what to yell and at what points to do so. To Shane, it’s probably a rallying cry for her Satanic rituals but to Swifites, it’s really just a way to get in on the community (and something extra you have to teach your boyfriend/husband before you bring him along). Friendship bracelet, anyone?

The spell-like songs

Taylor herself has dubbed some of her songs as “spells” like the song Willow. It’s an easy dig for someone like Shane to take but really…. they already did this to Stevie Nicks in the 70s. Get new material!

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