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Forget the nepo baby, here are the nepo daddies clinging onto their celeb child’s fame

Using your kid’s fame is ok… sometimes

You’ve probably heard of a nepo baby, a celeb who uses their famous parent to fortune. You might even be like Dakota Johnson and find all the chat about them “incredibly annoying” and “boring”. If that’s you, you’re in luck. Instead of talking about kids riding on their parent’s coattails for fame and fortune, let’s look at the parents of celebs who have used their children’s fame for varying degrees of success.

Rob Grant – the father of Lana Del Rey

Lana’s dad was actually the first to coin the term when he released his album Lost At Sea last summer.

Velda and Sherry – The grandmas of Sydney Sweeney

Sydney recently revealed that she had cast her both of her grandmothers as “two little nuns”  in her new horror movie, Immaculate, after speaking about not being a nepo baby herself quite extensively. They requested to only work under their first names, how iconic, like Madonna.

Dina Lohan – the mother of Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay’s mum was a bit of it girl herself after her daughter was one of the most in-demand actresses in the 00s. She’s less so now, but her Instagram is all about her four kids, who are all different levels of well-known.

Glen Sr and Cyndy Powell – the parents of Glen Powell

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Glen admitted to Jimmy Fallon that his parents, Glen Sr and Cyndy, have had a small part in most of his movies, like the rom-com Anyone But You, while joking they are probably “too comfortable” on-set now.

Clinton Pugh – the father of Florence Pugh

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Florence’s dad is less A-lister but more of a local campaigner as his most successful reason for snagging the spotlight was for to oppose Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. They apparently impacted business to his bar in Oxford.

Michael Whitehall – the father of Jack Whitehall

This one might be cheating, as some could say that theatre agent Michael’s son got a career boost from his showbiz connections. However, since joining forces with Jack, they’ve created many successful TV shows for Netflix and beyond.

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