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Taylor Swift didn't do a Le Creuset giveaway via social media as its an AI deepfake

A Taylor Swift deepfake ad for Le Creuset went viral and loads of people fell for it

If it’s too good to be true, it most def is

Taylor Swift was not a part of a Le Creuset kitchenware giveaway, as some Swifties learnt the hard way getting caught up in an Artificial Intelligence-backed scam.

An unconfirmed amount of fans were duped into believing that the 34-year-old was offering her dedicated fans the chance to snag some of the very Instagrammable cast iron cooking equipment via Facebook, according to The New York Times

The video, featuring an autogenerated image of Taylor, complete with a near-perfect manipulation of her speaking voice, was shared via multiple Facebook pages and was even spotted on TikTok.

In the clip, a supposed recreation of her is heard saying: “Hey y’all, it’s Taylor Swift here. Due to a packaging error, we can’t sell 3,000 Le Creuset cookware sets. So I’m giving them away to my loyal fans for free.”

“I got some exciting news to share! I have teamed up with Le Creuset for another epic gift-giveaway,” the caption of the fake Taylor scam reads. “But this time, we’re giving away FREE 20-piece cookware sets.”

Victims were then directed to click a button underneath, leading them to a survey, with an extra urgent reminder that “supplies are running out” from Taylor, a noted fan of the brand. Their $625 Dutch oven made an appearance in her revealing Netflix documentary, Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince, and they are often seen dotted around her kitchen, according to Instagram posts. 

Taylor Swift did not launch a Le Creuset giveaway as its an AI deepfake scam

After clicking, people arrived at a website that looked eerily similar to real sites like the Food Network, with professional-looking ads for Le Creuset. They even included fake but real-seeming customer reviews from fake but real-seeming customers. In order to claim their ‘prize’, a “small shipping fee of $9.96” had to be paid via a credit or a debit card. After handing over their card details and failing to receive their wares, that’s when the trouble revealed itself. 

No source of the con has been confirmed, but one of the pages operates under the ‘The most profitable shares’.