Billie Eilish moaning about TikTokers apparently

Omg, Billie Eilish got caught moaning about TikTokers being at the People’s Choice Awards

To Kylie Minogue as well x

Billie Eilish got caught complaining about The People’s Choice Awards being filled with TikTok stars to Kylie Minogue, and it’s not going down well with the TikTokers.

Billie was filmed talking to Kylie Minogue about something, and when two Grammy Award-winning queens like them get together, people wanna know what the tea is. After a bit of investigating, according to The Mirror, it was decided that she was appearing to complain about the event being littered with social media stars.

I’m like, there’s some… TikTokers here,” Billie said to Kylie. She is then seen turning her head, perceived as a way to hide what she is saying. Some on social media felt Billie might have had a point.

One person wrote: “lol I couldn’t make it in acting so I cook on TikTok, but I’m with Billie on this one.”

“Tiktokers are everywhere like a plague,” another person added, while another person said: “And she’s right because TikTokers are not celebrities and do not belong at awards shows. They cheapen them.”

Of course, some of the TikTok stars invited did not take kindly to having their attendance questioned like Bryce Hall, who said: “First off, Billie Eilish, I’m so sorry that I didn’t acknowledge your greatness and bow down to you being another human being.”

Bryce, who attended the event with other personalities known for their TikTok viral videos like Tana Mongeau, Gigi Gorgeous, James Charles, Chris Olsen and Alix Earle, made his feeling very clear that all “hate” should be directed to the People’s Choice Awards themselves and not him.

Brooke Schofield, another TikToker who went to the awards, posted on X: “What should I do for work now that Billie Eilish hates Tiktokers.”

Billie went home with the gong for the TV Performance of the Year for Donald Glover’s Swarm, beating out Ayo Edebiri, Meryl Streep and Jon Hamm. As she accepted the award, she said: “Wow, that was crazy to see. That was so insane to see all those names, and then mine and I’m here. This is fan-voted, and I want to say how grateful and lucky and privileged I am for that. Thank you so much.”

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