Blake Lively wore nearly half a million dollars worth of bling to the Super Bowl

Blake Lively wore $500k in jewellery to the Super Bowl, here’s how much each piece cost

Taylor Swift and diamonds are a girl’s best friend x

Blake Lively at the Super Bowl seemed to have taken the special occasion memo very seriously. This was because to watch the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the San Francisco 49ers from her bestie Taylor Swift’s private box; she sported roughly half a million dollars worth of jewellery. Yes, to see Travis Kelce shoot to glory, Blake Lively channelled her inner Sue Sylvester in roughly $469,075 worth of bling. She needed something to remind us that she was not a fictional cheerleading coach from Ohio obsessed with bringing down a show choir with some serious accessorising.

Blake complimented her red Adidas tracksuit with a Tiffany and Co gold chain necklace, which retails for a cool $18,500. She also added a $78,ooo version with pavé diamonds. Not scared of being OTT, Blake made it a trio with a $62,000 Bold Graduated Link necklace.


Tiffany and Co

Tiffany and Co

For the ears, Blake added a pair of diamond stud earrings also from Tiffany alongside a pair of snake earrings from the jeweller’s Elsa Perretti collection. The studs retail for $1,650, while the snake goes for $4,000.

Tiffany and Co

Tiffany And Co/Solitare Earrings

Of course, these serpent ear pendants prompted speculation it was a nod to Reputation (Taylor’s Version) potentially coming soon. Swifties have been predicting is the next re-record.

Tiffany and Co

Tiffany and Co/Snake Earrings

Bracelets were where Blake went to town the most as she packed on a total of 14 to see Taylor’s tight-end boyfriend, Travis Kelce, help his team secure victory. To compliment her necklace, she added two matching bracelets. These included a Tiffany and Co simple gold chain and a diamond-encrusted one, which you can get if you have $12,500 and $26,000 lying around.

Tiffany and Co

Large Link Bracelet/Tiffany and Co

Blake added a $12,300 Swirl Cuff and a $29,000 gold Donut Bangle. She also mixed it up with a $17,0000 Diamond Pavé bangle and a $42,000 White Gold with Full Pavé Diamonds. She also included the yellow gold version, which sells for $40,000.

Tiffany and Co

Swirl Cuff/Tiffany and Co

Tiffany and Co

Donut Bangle/Tiffany and Co

The wrist stacking didn’t stop there, for she also packed on a gold Tiffany T Square Bracelet and T1 Wide Hinged Bangle, which set her or someone else back $7,800 and $7,500. Not satisfied by this level of accessorisation, she slipped on two similar bangles but packed with diamonds. If you were interested in getting the look, it would cost you $27,000 and $39,000.

Square Bracelet/Tiffany and Co

T1 Wide Hinged Bangle/Tiffany and Co

Not content to adhere to Coco Chanel’s warnings of over-adorning, Blake put on two single bangled with Pavé diamonds. One, which was less packed with jewels, cost $17,000 while the other more shiny one had a $42,000 price ticket.

Bangle in White Gold with Full Pavé Diamonds

Also on display was the perhaps more affordable Elsa Perretti Doughnut Bangle at $1,825. In contrast, the most expensive and probably the most impressive was the $54,000 Double Row bracelet. The piece was made of white gold and diamonds.

Double Row Bracelet/Tiffany and Co

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