Omg, Barry Keoghan spoke about *that* Saltburn grave scene while on Hot Ones

Omg, Barry Keoghan spoke about *that* Saltburn grave scene while on Hot Ones

He apparently likes to be ‘pushed’

Barry Keoghan cannot escape that grave scene from Saltburn and gave all the juicy details while appearing on Hot Ones.

Barry has been the name on everyone’s lips since he stripped down and dry-humped the final resting place of Jacob Elordi’s character Felix. Of course, he addressed this while being challenged to stuff spicy chicken wings into his gob. Barry revealed that he loved doing the project as it let him “really artistically go there” and how the euphoric feeling he got on the set was something he and his co-stars “chase”.

“I mean I shagged a grave in Saltburn right…I should get that checked. Saltburn really pushed it. Every role pushes it, and I like to be pushed. I don’t want something to be comfy. I want to really artistically go there and there’s moments on sets and movies where you lose sight of camera and you kind of get this…nauseous feeling, you’re so present. It’s something we [actors] chase,” Barry told host Sean Evans.

This was not the only scene Barry stole in the movie all about nestling your way into the upper class set found at Oxford University. The film’s writer and director, Emerald Fennell, clearly enjoyed getting Barry to strip down to his birthday suit, as it was not the only jaw-dropping naked moment in Saltburn. Audiences couldn’t stop talking about that final scene, which saw Barry’s character Oliver Quick do a triumphant coke-fuelled nude dance to Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s pop classic Murder on the Dancefloor.

After cinema-goers and those streaming it on Amazon Prime over the festive period were gagged to see Barry and his manhood, there was even a passionate debate about whether that movie magic relied on prosthetics or not. Obviously, for a man as committed to the high of being in front of a camera as Barry, the answer was a certified no. Barry actually explained to Entertainment Weekly that he actually forgot he was naked as the day he was born by the end of it all.

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