Renee Rapp has got everyone talking about her refreshing attitude on the Mean Girls press tour

Seven times Reneé Rapp was iconically unhinged on the Mean Girls press tour

Buddy, watch your back

Reneé Rapp is quickly becoming maybe one of the internet’s most beloved interviewees for her blase, no-filter attitude during the  Mean Girls movie musical press tour.

The press junket is part and parcel of the Hollywood star’s life, having to repeatedly answer the same questions from the same hungry reporters about their latest project. Some have complained about it. Most lump it and give out the same responses. Something about how the part resonated with them, how they loved their time on set, what they learnt about themselves or their craft. Maybe a sneak peek into their personal lives, but always very controlled. But sometimes, someone comes along and creates a moment where we all talk for weeks. Think Lady Gaga’s entire press tour for House of Gucci. Honestly, if that movie were as good as her quotes to journalists, it would have swept at the Academy Awards.

The latest sprinkling of that fairy dust comes from Reneé, who brings Regina George to life in the movie musical adaptation of the 2004 teen comedy of the same name. The story – which largely mirrors the 00s original with Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert with some tunes thrown with a Gen Z update – follows homeschooled new girl Cady Heron’s move from Africa to a suburban high school and its unfamiliar world of social politics.

Reneé’s cinematic turn as the coolest girl in school comes after she brought her to life in the Broadway stage show. The movie’s script – which is in theatres now – comes from the same mind of Tina Fey, along with songs from her composer husband, Jeff Richmond. The cast list includes American comedy icons such as Jenna Fischer, Busy Phillips, Tim Meadows and Jon Hamm.

During chats with the press, her unfiltered personality and distinct lack of Hollywood polish shine through. Her honesty, from everything from terrible bus operators to misogyny in Hollywood, has got everyone talking about what a breath of fresh air.

Here are the best moments from Reneé Rapp on the Mean Girls movie musical press tour! 

1. No holds bar attack on Buddy