Jason Oppenheim dating

Everyone thinks that Jason Oppenheim is now dating a 29 year old professional tennis player

Where does he keep finding all these stunning women?

Despite being seen with 25 year old TikTok star Danika Tanya in St Tropez last year it looks like Jason Oppenheim is dating someone new again. And yes, before you ask she is in her twenties, although she’s 29 so there’s a high possibility that Jason might drop her when she turns 30. He’s the Leonardo DiCaprio of the real estate world.

But who is the girl everyone thinks Jason Oppenheim is dating, and why does it seem like he and Danika are no longer together? Let’s find out!

Why do people think Jason and Danika are no longer together?


Jason has been noticeably absent from Danika’s comment section, and she posted this TikTok at the start of December which seems to show her in a new relationship. I rewatched it about twenty times trying to work out if he’s her boyfriend or brother, but I’m definitely getting boyfriend vibes.

Via Instagram @danikatanya

She also posted a picture on her story with a love heart and a guy’s hand, is it the same guy, who knows? One thing is for sure is that it’s 00 per cent not Jason Oppenheim that she’s dating anymore.

Who do people think Jason Oppenheim is now dating?

Fans are convinced that Jason is now dating 29-year-old professional Canadian tennis player Genie Bouchard. Genie recently seems to have broken up with her long-term boyfriend Jack Brinley and shared an Instagram story of her and Jason wearing matching shoes, which he reposted,

Via Instagram @geniebouchard

The two also follow each other on social media, and Genie also follows his brother Brett. Considering she only follows 591 people it seems like a deliberate follow. She has over 2.4 million followers on Instagram, and is regarded as the best Canadian tennis champion, and was a runner-up in the Wimbledon final.

At least we know she can definitely outrun Jason if she needs to.

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