Mean Girls cameos

All of the rogue and iconic celebrity cameos in the new Mean Girls film

Chris Olsen pops up in the weirdest places

The new Mean Girls movie is now out, and like every modern vaguely meta film it has to have its fair share of rogue and iconic celebrity cameos. From a member of the OG Mean Girls cast, to a TikTok star, let’s break down all the cameos in the new film.

Chris Olsen

As a society, there is no escaping Chris Olsen at this point so of course he had to make a cameo in the new Mean Girls musical. Chris Olsen already knew Renee Rapp and even appeared in her music video for Too Well, so it’s not surprising if she put in a good word for him.

Chris makes an appearance in two video montages, one where Regina is being bullied and another where the school is trying to decide if they like Cady.

Lindsay Lohan

Of course, the original Mean Girls icon herself had to make a cameo in the new film. And despite only being in it for a small scene she got paid an absolutely ludicrous amount of money for it. In a true full-circle moment Lindsay Lohan stars as the host of the Mathletes competition, which is the role Tina Fey played in the original film.

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan and Renee Rapp had already collaborated on an iconic song for the new Mean Girls movie called Not My Fault, but then Megan made a surprise cameo in one scene. Megan joined Chris Olsen in the bullying scene, and if your character is going to be bullied by anyone, at least let it be someone like Megan Thee Stallion.

Ashley Park

Ashley Park played the role of Gretchen Wieners in the Mean Girls musical on Broadway, but she couldn’t miss out on a cameo in the new film either. She makes a cameo in the role of a strict French teacher called Madame Park, maybe it’s an Emily in Paris reference?

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