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Kaelynn reveals real reason she wasn’t asked to return for Love on the Spectrum season two

It has to do with her ‘neurotypical’ dating preferences

Kaelynn was one of the fan favourites from season one of Love on the Spectrum, with viewers appreciating seeing an insight into someone who was language-abled.

But unlike some of the cast of Love on the Spectrum season one, Kaelynn was “not picked” to return for season two, despite the fact she wanted to.

Kaelynn sat down and made a TikTok video about why the producers didn’t pick her to return for season two of Love on the Spectrum, and her thoughts on the real reason they didn’t pick her.


I’m thankful for the opportunities I received after the Love On The Spectrum aired, and I’m also really excited to watch my castmates AND meet the new participants when season 2 airs January 19th 🤩 #loveonthespectrum #autistic #autism #autismacceptance #netflix #actuallyautistic #autisticadult

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She explained the production team asked her if she would be willing to participate in season 2 and she said yes. “But months later they said they weren’t coming back to this part of the country to film so it wouldn’t work out.

“That is until the production crew invited me to dinner in my hometown because they were filming here. Naturally, I was confused so I went. They said they felt as though my story had already been told and I’ve been able to use my social media to continue telling my own story.”

Kaelynn then explained the real reason why she thinks she didn’t get picked. “But here’s what I think. My preferences for dating a neurotypical man were not in alignment with the matches they were trying to create with everyone.

“In other words, my preferences made finding potential matches more difficult for them and less exciting for viewers.

“Also since I’m so language abled I don’t struggle with communication. People don’t look at me and immediately recognise that I’m autistic. I think all of those things were a factor in their decision.”

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