Gregg Wallace routine backlash responded

Gregg Wallace responds to ‘nasty’ routine backlash saying criticism is ‘cruel and unfair’

He insisted that living with his son is the same as interacting directly with him

So, after a somewhat trainwreck interview where Gregg Wallace described his Saturday routine, he’s received a lot of backlash over his routine on social media, and he’s now responded by saying criticism is “cruel and unfair.”

In his Saturday routine, Gregg Wallace suggested he only spends an hour and a half with his non-verbal autistic son per day, before spending two hours in his office playing video games.

Gregg told The Telegraph: “I like to spend time with my four-year-old son, Sid, who’s non-verbal autistic. He used to be in his own world but he’s starting to seek company and show eye contact. We’ll potter in the garden and play with our two dogs, Wally and Bella.”

Gregg also said in the interview that having “another child isn’t something that I would have chosen at my age.

“I was always very honest with [his wife] Anna, but it’s what she wanted and I love her,” he explained. “I just requested two things – that we had help in the house (so her mum moved in), and secondly that we had at least one week a year when we holidayed just the two of us.”

According to Mail Online, Gregg Wallace responded to the routine backlash as “unfair” and “cruel” during an Instagram Live on Thursday morning.

He said on the live: “There are just two things I want to address here with Sid. People said, ‘So you spend an hour and a half with your son, but then spend two hours on your computer.’ No – I’m with my son in the house all the time.

“I just didn’t write down, ‘Had a tickle with Sid, playing around the living room’ – you’re not logging every minute of the day. I just logged the blocks. So, it didn’t mean that’s all I saw him that day.”

He continued: “If you’re living in a house with someone, you’re interacting with them all the time. Not only that – that is a snapshot of one Saturday. I hope that makes sense to everybody. And the other thing as well – and I’m almost going to cry over this – people saying that Sid was unwanted. It took us two years to conceive with Sid. Two years.”

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