Pancake Day brainteaser

You can only work out this flippin’ hard Pancake Day brainteaser if you have 20/20 vision

I struggled for so long on this one

Pancake Day is the perfect day for eating your own body weight in pancakes, but if you’re looking for some exercise that doesn’t involve getting off the couch then this brainteaser is the perfect solution!

Whilst it might look deceptively easy, this Pancake Day brainteaser is flippin’ hard (I’ll see myself out.) There are 42 pancakes in total which have four blueberries and one strawberry placed on top of the stack. But one of these pancakes is not like the others (I read this as a Taylor Swift lyric) and has an extra blueberry hidden amongst its sweet layers.

Can YOU spot the extra blueberry hidden amongst the pancake stacks in less than 30 seconds?


Only those with perfect 20/20 vision can work out this Pancake Day brainteaser and spot the extra hidden blueberry in under 30 seconds, and your time starts now!

If you’re struggling to find it, the solution is revealed below – so don’t read on unless you want spoilers about the answer.

Here’s the solution to the Pancake Day brainteaser

I have to put my hands up and admit I couldn’t work this one out, so if you managed to without peeking at the answer you have perfect 20/20 vision!

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