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One Day Amika Mod

Ambika Mod ‘struggled’ whilst filming One Day and wanted to quit her role

She felt like she was a ‘f*cking sh*t actor’

Ambika Mod absolutely shines in One Day, but she actually wanted to quit filming the Netflix show because she felt as though she wasn’t a good enough actress for the role.

On the Reign with Josh Smith podcast, Ambika Mod spoke about her time filming on One Day and explained how much her co-star Leo helped her get through.

Via Netflix

She said: “I met Leo at the chemistry reads and he was the second Dexter I read with. He is so cheeky and charming. He was so open and warm just immediately and it felt really easy, the scenes felt really playful and I think that’s really rare. That was really half the battle because I think if that had been cast wrong, it would have been so much harder.

“You just can’t fake that stuff and I’m really grateful to have had an actor like Leo. We were both going through a very, very similar thing. This was so much bigger than anything either of us had ever done before and I think we both felt really similarly about the undertaking.”

Via Netflix

Ambika Mod went on to explain how she felt “overwhelmed” whilst filming One Day because she wanted to do the characters from the book “justice.”

She continued: “We were both really open when we were struggling, when we didn’t feel like things were right. I remember just like, maybe I was more vocal about it than him, but I would come out of every scene just being like, ‘oh, I’m a f*cking sh*t actor, I should f*cking quit right now, I hate myself.’

“And he was always very supportive to me in that, and I hope vice versa. It was good to have someone like that because as an actor you might not always have that.”

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