Matthew SLAMS Love is Blind and accuses the show of trying to ‘smear his character’

He accuses the show of ‘misrepresentation and falsehoods’

It’s already been established that Matthew from Love is Blind is one of the most toxic men we’ve ever seen on the show. Matthew has had a lot of backlash over his treatment of both AD and Amber on Love is Blind, but recently responded with a statement on Instagram.

Matthew posted his statement in the comments of the official Love is Blind Instagram page. He commented: “Key element of my story that was never disclosed is that I live an alcohol-free lifestyle and did the experiment sober.

“It was a key factor in why I had so much difficulty connecting with women in the beginning. There were also many misrepresentations and falsehoods created in my opinion to smear my character. I look forward to telling my side of the story with the full truth at the appropriate time.”

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The first section of Love is Blind sees Matthew form connections with both AD, and Amber. Throughout, it’s very clear he’s been telling the girls the same things. Early on he told AD they should quit the show from the pods right then and there, and he’d propose outside. When she caught up with Amber, AD found out he’d said those exact words to her as well.

During a chat between AD and Matthew, Matthew then tried to switch the tables on AD, and analyse her experience on the show, questioning her and how she’d implied things.

Matthew and AD later revealed Amber had left the experiment, and Matthew said he assumed that was because of him. He told AD he needed to go after Amber as he “broke someone’s heart on national TV” and also left, putting an end to things with himself and AD. Matthew literally said he had “America on his side” – I can’t speak for America but the UK certainly isn’t.

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