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Chelsea Megan Fox Love is Blind

Chelsea reached out to Megan Fox to directly apologise to her for those lookalike comments

She told Megan she ‘could never compare’

Chelsea has revealed she directly messaged Megan Fox to apologise for comparing herself to her on Love is Blind. This woman needs to catch a break at this point.

During a Love is Blind Q&A on her Instagram a fan asked Chelsea whether Megan Fox had contacted her amid the lookalike controversy. Chelsea responded that whilst she hadn’t she “felt the need to reach out,” and attached a screenshot of a message she’d sent to Megan Fox.

The Love is Blind star Chelsea messaged Megan Fox writing: “Megan love you so much! My ass is getting DRAGGED for saying I looked like you. Definitely could never compare to you of course and when I get that compliment I absolutely lose my shit. Sorry if you are getting blown up about it.”

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Megan has since addressed the comments she made about saying she looks like Megan Fox on Love is Blind yet again. She explained that she does “absolutely regret” the comments she made to Jimmy but it was just supposed to be a “silly conversation.”

She explained in the comments of her Instagram: “I haven’t addressed this at all. I wasn’t trying to be manipulative by any means. You have to understand, we are on these dates for four-plus hours at a time.

“I wasn’t the only one having silly conversations such as this. Do I regret it, absolutely. But in no way was I trying to persuade any decision. I am not a vicious person and I won’t be made out to be.”


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Chelsea initially responded to a fan who doubted that the Love is Blind star actually resembles Megan Fox just hours after the series was released. Chelsea replied: “Don’t worry I’ll never say that sh*t again,” featuring multiple laughing emojis. Hopefully, she can see the humorous side.


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During the date in the Love is Blind pods, Chelsea asks Jimmy whether he ever gets told he has a celebrity lookalike. After he replied he does, Chelsea agreed saying: “I do too, all the time on the plane! I get one person, and it’s just because I have dark hair and blue eyes. But I don’t see it, so don’t get excited.”

Megan gave Jimmy a hint that she looked like “MGK’s wife or his girlfriend,” Jimmy excitedly replied, “Are you saying you look like Megan Fox?” Chelsea responded: “It’s just because I have light eyes and dark hair. That’s the only reason. There’s nothing else. At least I’m assuming so.”

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