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There are some massive clues Sarah Ann and Jeramey from Love Is Blind are actually together

This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill

Umm okay, so after that hilarious Love Is Blind chat where Laura called out Jeramey for being in the same neighbourhood as Sarah Ann at three am in the morning, it turns out there’s some serious evidence they might actually be in a relationship.

Now, this evidence is all compiled from TikTok sleuths who have found it through Instagram stories and what was featured on Love Is Blind so take it with a hint of salt.

So, what exactly is the evidence that Sarah Ann and Jeramey from Love Is Blind are secretly in a relationship?


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Same looking bed and headboard

The TikTok shows Sarah Ann posing in front of a mirror where you can see a bed in the background, and sleuths have pointed out it looks remarkably similar to the same one that featured in Love Is Blind with Jeramey. Now, it could just be that the beds happen to be very similar, but they do look very close in shape and colour.

Similar table and flooring

Another photo shows Love Is Blind cast member Sarah Ann with her very own bottle of Love is Wine, and a floor that has the same pattern as the one Jeramey has in his home…

The same exact cow picture

The last bit of evidence is the most damning in my opinion, and shows Sarah Ann passing by a picture frame, and whilst we can only see the corner of it it looks like it’s the horns of a cow. And who has a picture of a highland cow with big old horns? That’s right none other than Jeramey himself.

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