Jimmy Love Is Blind slept

Everyone thinks they’ve worked out who Jimmy slept with on Love Is Blind

Could it be a familiar face?

During episode 10 of Love Is Blind we finally got some more context to what happened during the fight between Jimmy and Chelsea where she accuses him of “f*cking someone.” And now people are convinced they’ve worked out who Love Is Blind star Jimmy slept with out of his friends, so Chelsea look away now!

When Chelsea and Jimmy are having their argument she accuses him of spending time with another woman who he previously slept with before appearing on Love Is Blind. Jimmy had gone out the night before by himself to celebrate a friend’s birthday and his two female friends Barabara and Maddie were there, whom Chelsea had already met.

Jimmy allegedly confessed to Chelsea that he slept with one of them before Love Is Blind, and she feels as though he texts them constantly, making her feel insecure. Fans of the show are convinced that Jimmy actually slept with Barbara before appearing on Love Is Blind, but what’s the evidence and how has she reacted to the claims?

Jimmys girlfriends
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Barbara and Jimmy have been friends for around two years and are pictured on her Instagram hanging out and going to concerts with Maddie. Users on Reddit are convinced Barabara is the friend Jimmy slept with, commenting on the Love Is Blind subreddit: “I think the girl with long black hair. He said in the past he was drawn to girls who look more like Jessica and I see similarities.”

And today in her story there’s a chance Barbara might have seen the crazy speculations that Jimmy slept with her before Love Is Blind. She posted a meme of someone checking their phone and laughing with the caption – “mood today,” so she definitely thinks the rumours are insane if that’s what she’s referring to.

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Of course, this is all just silly speculation and there’s no actual hard evidence the two of them have ever hooked up, nor has it been confirmed by either party – remember everyone it is very possible for two people to just be friends!

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