Erm, Jeramey had a huge hole in his shorts on Love Is Blind and I feel physically sick

I’m sorry but this man is a walking ick

Just when you thought Love Is Blind cast member Jeramey couldn’t get any more icky he goes and finds a way to do exactly that.

Eagle-eyed Redditors spotted the awkward blunder in episode eight when he and Laura are sitting on the bed and there’s a rather visible hole right in the crotch of his shorts if we’re being honest here. Like please, you know you’re going to be filmed, is there not another pair of shorts you can put on that don’t have holes in them?

not jeremy with a hole in his pants
byu/Status_Secretary5349 inLoveIsBlindOnNetflix

The scene is from episode eight if for some cursed reason you want to go and watch it for yourself. Redditors were quick to make fun of the Love Is Blind star with one asking why Jeramey would “wear holey shorts on tv??!” And honestly, I need to know as well.

I understand sometimes the clothes we wear get small holes in them but this one is too sizeable not to notice and the placement of the hole is incredibly unfortunate. There’s no doubt the production team 100 per cent knew what they were doing with that angle, it’s just too incriminating.

And as though that wasn’t bad enough, he’s also wearing shoes on the bed, and a white one at that. This man truly has no shame.

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