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‘Nightmare’ Jonathan Van Ness accused of exploding into ‘monster rages’ on Queer Eye set

Other cast members felt ‘reluctant’ to film with him

Jonathan Van Ness is being accused of being “abusive” and being a “nightmare” to work with, flying into “rages” on the set of Queer Eye by several production sources.

Rolling Stone interviewed seven different production sources who described Jonathan Van Ness as a complete “monster” to work with, who was also “demeaning” to the crew and would “explode at least once a week” on Queer Eye.


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A source claimed that Jonathan that Van Ness “stood out in terms of unprofessionalism, with their various moods dictating how the day would go.” Another elaborated saying: “When he comes on set, everything changes if he’s in a bad mood. Working with him is very difficult in any capacity.”

This led to other Queer Eye cast members such as Bobby Berk to feel reluctant to shoot scenes with Jonathan Van Ness. One source claimed: “There was absolutely tension between everybody else, especially from Jonathan Van Ness. He didn’t want to ever share the spotlight with anyone. There were times when we couldn’t even shoot scenes with certain members of the Fab Five together because it got so bad.”


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The behaviour of Jonathan Van Ness on set was “hypocritical” to one production source. They said: “As much good as he wants to do in the world, I think a lot of it is very hypocritical.” Another added: “There’s a definite contrast between the principles and the values that Jonathan stands for publicly. They’re really centred around having this warmth, love, and care for other people. There’s a real contrast between that and the way that they treat the people who are closest to them across the board. It’s the opposite of what this person is touted and paid to be.”

The Tab has reached out to Jonathan Van Ness and their management for comment.

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