A rundown of our favourite looks from the Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2024

This year’s theme was ‘Eclipse’, inspired by the relationship between the sun and moon

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that this weekend was the return of the highly anticipated annual Leeds RAG Fashion Show.

Running over two evenings, the student fashion show’s 2024 theme was “Eclipse”, designed to give its audience “a journey of light, shadow, and the beauty within.”

The show had four scenes inspired by the relationship between the sun and moon: Nyx, Eos, Totality and Harmonia. Guests were introduced to the moon, Nyx, and the sun, Eos, before watching their passionate meeting in Totality, and the morning after, when they part ways (sound a bit too familiar?), in Harmonia.

The charities being supported this year included Yorkshire MESMAC, one of the largest sexual health charities in the UK, Ditch the Label, a global youth charity helping 12 to 25 year olds navigate relationships, bullying, identity and mental health, and Leeds Nightline, a vital mental health and wellbeing support line.

With so many glamorous pieces on show, here are some of our favourite looks from a star studded night.


No words. Stunning. Looked so fierce – the low neckline was GORGEOUS.

The hair and makeup really complimented this look and and the silver dress literally shoneee in the blue lighting. 10/10.

Simple but elegant. The relaxed fit looked super classy, and the sash detailing – don’t even get me started. Perfection.

Slayed. Left no crumbs. No words.


Looks like a goddess. Ethereal. Elegant. Effortless.

It’s giving Robin Hood in all the best ways.

Really eye-catching silhouette – the draping of the sleeves was so unique, and the colour? Loved.

Hair? Stunning. Makeup? Stunning. Dress? Stunning.

Absolutely gorgeous. No notes x

Just wow. The confidence. Love to see it.

A golden goddess – I mean, the crown? Amazing.


When I tell you this model’s walk silenced the room. So moody, I love it.

The cape!!! The shoes!!! Took my breath away.

THIS LOOK. The half cape, the sash, the trousers – killed it.

The camera doesn’t do this dress justice – it was so detailed, and paired with a chic bun and black stilettos? Mwah.

This was BAD ASS.


A gorgeous look to open the final scene of the show, everything about this piece was perfection. 100000/10.

This was possibly the most exciting outfit of the night – the shoulders on this jacket were fabulous.

When I say I loved this two piece, you don’t even understand. The model looked absolutely gorgeous.

The effort that must have gone into this piece! Round of applause.

I gasped when I saw this – the structure of the top and shorts and the floatiness of the feathers went so well together.