Jono secretly admitted he wished he was married to Ellie and called her ‘hot’ during MAFS

Despite insisting they were ‘just friends’

Umm, the clues that Jono secretly had a massive crush on Ellie throughout the whole MAFS Australia 2024 experiment are only getting more and more obvious.

Later on in the experiment, Tori reveals at the dinner party that Jono had been telling Jack that he thinks Ellie is “hot” and wishes he was “matched with her instead,” one contestant as revealed in episode 366 of the So Dramatic! podcast.

They continued: “Jack also said Ellie was ‘hot’ to Jono, but he never threw Jono under the bus; he just copped it. They both called her ‘hot’ during a gym session.”

When Jack told Jono to “muzzle his woman” apparently the real reason why Jono didn’t further defend Lauren was because Jack knew the truth about Jono’s feelings for Lauren. One MAFS Australia 2024 participant revealed that Jono “was worried Jack would expose him for things he had also told him in confidence. Jack had dirt on Jono, that’s why he never backed Lauren up. He was worried he would turn around and expose him in retaliation.”

When Lauren discovered that Jono wanted to be matched with Ellie originally in MAFS Australia 2024 she went “apesh*t.” According to SoDramatic!, Lauren went “apesh*t” at Jonathan and called him “every name under the sun”.

But it seems like the messages between Jono and Ellie might not have been as scandalous as MAFS Australia 2024 makes them out to be. One anonymous contestant revealed: “There were a lot of messages, over 100. They were talking every day, but they weren’t flirting, they were just friendly messages, chatting back and forth.

“It’s still bad that he messaged her during filming. They both had a crush on each other, so it definitely wasn’t just friendly. He should’ve waited until he’d left the experiment or been honest with Lauren.” I’m living for the drama.

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