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MAFS Australia alumni Jesse reveals which 2024 couples he thinks are in fake relationships

I’m actually so shocked

MAFS Australia alumni Jesse Burford has revealed which 2024 couples he thinks are faking their relationships, and some of them might shock you.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Jesse explained: “One example is couples being in agreement that they’re going to – that there’s nothing there but they’ll try to get through the show as long as they can. Those conversations were happening in my season. And then I know of couples who are doing it this season, as well.”

The interviewer asked which MAFS Australia 2024 couples specifically are faking it, Jesse explained: “Oh, Jono and Lauren,” which makes sense given that Jono actually ends up cheating on Lauren.

Jesse also thinks Sara and Tim are in an agreement, revealing: “I can guarantee it, because I spoke to cast members who were at the dinner table where they came forward about it and admitted, yeah, we’re in an agreement. But of course, Channel 9 and Endemol Shine aren’t going to air that part of the night on TV.”

As for Tori and Jack, Jesse had a slightly unconventional and unexpected response to their relationship. He said: “You know what’s ironic? They’re trying so hard to make Tori and Jack look like this fake couple when really it’s all the couples who are coming at those two, saying how fake they are, they’re the ones who are truly fake.”

And it seems like he might be onto something as Tori and Jack appeared to have gone the distance together, with Tori reportedly moving in with Jack.

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