Jono Ellie cheating MAFS Australia 2024

MAFS Australia set to be rocked by a HUGE cheating scandal involving Jono and Ellie

They were secretly messaging each other throughout MAFS

Omg, MAFS Australia 2024 is set to be rocked by a HUGE cheating scandal involving Jono and Ellie of all people, I knew something was up when he was non-stop defending her at the dinner parties.

One insider told So Dramatic! that Ellie and Jono were “messaging each other ” and cheating behind their partner’s backs throughout the whole MAFS Australia 2024 experiment. They went on: “Ellie left earlier than Jono, so poor Lauren had no idea until later in the experiment when the brides decided to tell her what had been going on. Lauren was blindsided; it was so awful.”

The source added that Ellie and Jonathan rocked up at the Reunion “hand-in-hand”. This left Lauren feeling “Lauren felt humiliated and embarrassed. Jono and Ellie are still together now and very happy.”

The two started chatting whilst they were still on the show, with the source revealing: “Jono and Ellie were messaging each other during the experiment. They started messaging even more when Ellie left the experiment. They were texting all day every day while Jono was still on the show with Lauren.”

And it sounds like Jono and Ellie weren’t exactly discreet with their romantic connection on MAFS Australia 2024, as fellow cast members thought they might be cheating. One cast member revealed: “Jono and Ellie were messaging each other the whole time during the experiment and flirting whenever they saw each other. Everyone noticed it. They would talk off-camera a lot. We all suspected something was going on between them.”

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