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Omg, Jayden and Eden ‘agreed to be puppets’ to get more airtime on MAFS Australia

‘Producers told them they needed to cause drama or go home’

It seems all of the cast this year are prioritising getting famous as Jayden and Eden reportedly “agreed to be puppets” for the MAFS Australia 2024 producers in order to get more airtime?!

According to So Dramatic! several cast members said Jayden and Eden were “the most boring couple on the show” because they would never reveal what was actually going on in their relationship.

One anonymous cast member explained: “Jayden and Eden had a pact to stay together until the end, no matter what. They wanted to be this year’s golden couple, so they kept all of their issues private so they looked like they were the strongest couple on the show. Producers started to work out what they were doing and threatened to kick them off the show because of it.”

The MAFS cast member added that the “experts were obviously made aware that there was stuff going on behind closed doors. So they kept saying to [Jayden and Eden] at the Commitment Ceremonies, ‘We just think you’re not letting us in.’ And none of us could understand it. Because we all thought they were going great.”

Apparently, producers thought Eden and Jayden were set to be the “most controversial” after Jayden’s bombshell admission during confessions week, but soon became “the most boring because they weren’t being authentic.”

The source revealed: “That’s why Jayden started drama with Timothy and Lucinda at the last dinner party. His producer had told him he needed to do something or else they would be sent home. Jayden and Eden essentially agreed to be the producers’ mouthpiece and puppet to start drama and bring things up for them, so they weren’t kicked off the show.”

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