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Sara EXPOSES Jack for flirting with her and ‘grabbing her butt’ on MAFS Australia

She was made to feel ‘extremely uncomfortable’

MAFS Australia 2024 bride Sara has exposed Jack for allegedly hitting on her a number of times on the show, which left her extremely “uncomfortable.”

According to So Dramatic! multiple sources explained that there were “a number of incidents” between Jack and Sara that made her feel extremely “uncomfortable.”

One cast member said Sara felt as though Jack had “violated” her several times on MAFS Australia 2024. They went on: “Sara told Tim about all of them when they happened, but he never seemed to care or say anything to Jack about it. She was worried she wouldn’t be believed, and she didn’t want to be accused of starting drama or trying to get airtime,” the source explained.

According to one of Sara‘s co-stars, “Jack kissed Sara on the neck and touched her up one time.” Another cast member explained: “Earlier on in the experiment, Sara told some of the brides that she always got a creepy vibe from Jack. One day, she was going to the jacuzzi and ran into Jack and Tori in the hallway. When she went to say goodbye to them, Jack grabbed her butt. Sara immediately told Tim. He didn’t seem too phased by it but said, ‘If it happens again, let me know.’”


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Sara told Lauren about Jack’s MAFS UK 2024 behaviour and she was encouraged to “bring it up with Jack and the group because that type of behaviour isn’t OK.” According to another participant, the two girls told Tori what happened: “Sara said, ‘I feel really uncomfortable sharing this with you because I held it in for a while, but then all these other things happened as well.’ Tori actually did care and have a reaction for once and said that hearing this didn’t make her feel good.”

When Tori confronted Jack about his behaviour: “He said that he didn’t remember touching her butt and that he kisses everyone on the neck because he doesn’t want to get makeup on his face,” one source said. Yeah, I’m sure that’s why you kissed her on the neck…

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