Um, Ridge is apparently launching a whole ‘deece’ clothing line around his MAFS catchphrase

I’ll be decked out from head to toe

It feels like ages since we’ve had a certified iconic catchphrase on MAFS Australia 2024 but Ridge has fully cemented “deece” into the public consciousness. There is a small chance I may or may not have accidentally started using it in my everyday life, I think I need to seek help.

And now it’s been revealed by Chattr that Ridge is apparently planning to profit off the MAFS Australia 2024 catchphrase by launching his own clothing line, which will be completely centred around “deece.”

An anonymous source explained to Chattr: “He’s releasing crop tops, shirts, hoodies, the lot. Everything is printed and ready to go, he isn’t messing around. He’s ready to strike while the iron is hot and will be launching the line very soon.”

Apparently, Jade is a massive supporter of his business already, with the source adding: “Jade’s proud of him and loves the idea, she wears the women’s line constantly.”

Ridge has already created a private Instagram account for the brand and gave a small sneak peek of the new clothing line at the NOVA MAFS Australia 2o24 dinner party. If you look closely you can see he’s wearing a black short sleeve shirt with “deece” on it, so it looks like the collection is really happening.

I won’t lie this might actually be the one piece of MAFS merchandise I would consider wearing purely for the irony. Let’s wait and see how much he charges for it.

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