Timothy kept calling Jayden a ‘grandstander’ on MAFS but what exactly does the insult mean?

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Last night on MAFS Australia 2024 Timothy was going IN on Jayden and was not holding the insults back, including repeatedly calling him a “grandstander.” But what exactly does the insult actually mean?

According to Merriam-Webster, grandstanding means: “One who behaves or performs in a way meant to attract attention and impress onlookers.”

So presumably when Timothy kept calling Jayden a “grandstander” he meant to describe the fact he thinks Jayden is only piping up about his relationship to impress the other MAFS Australia 2024 cast members.

Timothy and Jayden still have a lot of bad blood between them, and in a recent interview, Timothy revealed: “I’ve never had any time for Jayden… Anyone that’s still living at home can’t call himself a man.”

As for Tori and Jack, Timothy said: “Look, they deserve each other and whatever is coming in the future. Are they into each other? That’s different. I think one is and one isn’t. I think one is playing a massive game.”

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