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Tori admits her ‘feral little outburst’ towards Cassandra on MAFS was ‘disgusting’

‘It was pretty gross’

There’s no doubt Cassandra is an absolute sweetheart who must be protected at all costs, so it’s no surprise we were all FUMING when Tori insulted her on MAFS Australia 2024 last night.

When Cassandra defended Timothy, Tori piped in and claimed Cassandra wasn’t “top of the food chain” and she should just “shut up.” Since then, Tori admitted on a podcast that she apologised to Cassandra over her “disgusting” behaviour and felt “gross” for what she said to her on MAFS Australia 2024.

Tori told the hosts: “To be honest, I was watching that episode with my mother and she was just a bit like, alright Tori what the hell is that? It was pretty gross in so far as how I displayed myself. I was angry and harbouring a lot of frustration. It just came out and Cass copped the brunt of it. Poor thing.”

She then revealed that she had been in contact with Cassandra, stating: “I messaged her yesterday… and I was like, I just want to reiterate how sorry I am for that feral little outburst. Sorry about that. You just have to own it and say sorry, and probably never do it again.”


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Cassandra also responded to Tori’s comments in an interview with Channel Nine, explaining: “I’m really thankful for everyone’s kindness and support but I think Tori was just lashing out because she was feeling hurt. I don’t have any anger or animosity towards her. She had a lot going on in her court, her and Jack’s relationship was under a lot of fire. I didn’t see her private conversations till later and so I really was unaware that I had infuriated her that much.”

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