Umm, Lauren didn’t sign her MAFS Australia contract until the morning of her wedding day?!

‘She didn’t care if she did the show or not’

There’s no doubt Lauren is both a fan and producer favourite on MAFS Australia 2024 but it turns out she refused to sign her MAFS contract “until the morning of her wedding.”

One production insider revealed to So Dramatic!: “She didn’t sign her MAFS contract until the morning of her wedding. She hadn’t even signed her contract when she filmed the Hens’ party. Even up to the morning of her wedding, she was still not sure if she wanted to do it. She almost pulled out multiple times. She didn’t want to sign it in case she hated filming.”


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Lauren was also trying to negotiate the terms of the contract as she knew how badly they wanted her to appear on the show. The insider added: “She was trying to get them to let her keep using her business Instagram account during the airing of the show as she needed it for work. She knew how badly they wanted her on the show so she was playing hardball and stalling and trying to get exemptions written into her contract.”

Even when the MAFS Australia 2024 Hen’s party was filmed Lauren still hadn’t signed her contract and “didn’t care if she did the show or not.” The source continued: “She filmed the Hens’ party and her master interview and a few other things before she signed the contract. She didn’t care if she did the show or not. But in the end, they wouldn’t budge. And she was enjoying filming so she said, ‘F*ck it’ and signed.”

And thank god she did because she’s honestly one of the vibiest cast members ever to appear on the show.

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