Former groom Harrison goes on ‘disgusting’ rant about the ‘unmarryable’ women on MAFS

Tahnee Cook labelled him as a ‘misogynistic pig’

Former MAFS Australia groom Harrison Boon has gone on a “disgusting” rant on Instagram about his fellow female co-stars who are still single, cruelly labelling them as “unmarryable.”

Harrison went through various previous MAFS Australia brides who have recently gone through a breakup or are on a dating app and mocked them. Lyndall Grace posted a TikTok about being broken up with and Harrison commented: “Sucks for you Lyndall. At least you haven’t embarrassed yourself by saying over and over again how much better he was than Cam.”

Next, he attached a screenshot of Alyssa’s Hinge profile with the caption: “Now you can join the rest of the unmarryables on Hinge.”

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He then asked his followers whom he should talk about on his podcast, with them suggesting other female MAFS cast members such as Abbie Chatfield, who he also labelled as an “unmarryable.” He posted a reply from one follower which read: “Get one of those toxic feminists on” featuring a picture of Lyndall.

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Harrison continued to comment on the other MAFS Australia brides and featured an image of Bronte’s dating profile, writing: “Imagine getting international coverage and STILL ending up alone almost over a year later. Yikes. The unmarryables.” He also featured one of Sandy who was looking for her new “perfect match.”

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Finally, he included a screenshot of when women hit their “danger zone,” with the text saying that “the anger zone for women is around 27 and 35 years of age… Your body count stacks up, and emotional trauma ruins your purity.”

Former MAFS Australia cast member Harrison wrote: “You ladies might have avoided accountability on MAFS but karma is a bitch. The market ain’t buying what you’re selling and you’re running out of time. All the emotional support you get from feminist echo chambers on Facebook and Instagram clearly aren’t filling that void. Best of luck though. You can always adopt a dog?”


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Tahnee Cook has made a post on Instagram calling out Harrison’s “disgusting” behaviour and labelled him a “misogynistic pig.” The brides who were included in Harrison’s rant have voiced their opinions in the comments with Sandy calling him “unworthy of my time or attention.

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