The shocking secret message Ben wrote on his leave card last night on MAFS Australia

I can’t believe he wrote this?!

Ellie and Ben have had a very turbulent relationship on MAFS Australia 2024, with everything coming to a head during last night’s commitment ceremony.

After Ben decided it was a good idea to write a list of everything he didn’t like about Ellie which culminated in a truly ear-bleedingly awful guitar apology song, the MAFS Australia 2024 couple decided to call it quits on their relationship and both wrote leave on their decision cards.

But whilst they only showed the cards for a second, viewers of the show noticed that Ben had written another message under leave, but what exactly did it say? Well, in typical Ben fashion, he wrote: “Leave… and Ellie is still amazing.” This man is really not the vibe at all.

Via Channel Nine

John ripped into Ben during the commitment ceremony, telling him: “You say a lot of words but I don’t think you know the meaning of them. You have not been committed to this experiment or tried to give yourself over to the process. What you’ve done is side-step hard questions and present a fake self.

“The way you’ve treated her we know for a fact has absolutely picked apart her self-esteem and I don’t like seeing that toxic pattern go on, frankly I’m done. What you’ve done during your time here is played a game with us and played with Ellie’s feelings. I hope you’ve been given some home truths and can do things different now because you need to learn. We as experts want to thank you Ellie for coming here with an open heart looking for love and you’ve a great deal going for you.”

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