MAFS Australia producers forced to re-edit whole show after Ellie and Ben cheating scandal

‘They aren’t going to hide their relationship’

Ellie and Ben aren’t making any effort to hide their new relationship that developed on MAFS Australia 2024, and now apparently producers were forced to re-edit a lot of scenes in order to “minimise their planned storylines.”

An insider told Yahoo! Lifestyle that Ellie and Jono recently hosted a birthday party with their co-stars: “Ellie sent out an invite to the entire cast asking them to join her and Jono on the Gold Coast, and a lot of them went along. The AACTA Awards seemed to overshadow the reality stars flying into Queensland.

“They aren’t going to hide their relationship and want Nine to work around them.” The network has been forced to make major edits to “minimise their planned storylines” around the couple swap, which is set to be revealed at the MAFS 2024 reunion.


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The producers have also banned Ellie and Jono from all MAFS Australia 2024 media opportunities, and are absolutely fuming at them for leaking the scandal and being “careless” which resulted in them being pictured together after the show ended. An insider told Yahoo! Lifestyle that the producers are now in “damage control” and the MAFS Australia 2024 team have “reprimanded” Ellie and Jono for “being so careless and reminded of their contracts.”

MAFS Australia 2024 producers have also decided to completely “withdraw” Jono and Ellie from media opportunities and their fellow MAFS cast members are reportedly “absolutely furious at them” for spoiling the show.


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An insider told Yahoo Lifestyle last month that Channel Nine executives were “furious” that one couple had made a public appearance. The source revealed: “They must know they are breaking their signed agreement with the Nine Network,” the source shared. “No one’s more happy for contestants to actually find love but they are going to need to be more secretive for now and keep their time on the show hidden from the public.

“These 2024 contestants have all completed filming for the eleventh series and while some may have walked away with a loving relationship, others have been left to lick their wounds. Either way, they have signed contracts forbidding them from ruining storylines.”

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