Omg, Michael was cast on MAFS Australia last year but had to leave because his groom QUIT

I can’t believe it’s happened TWICE?!

They say lightning can’t strike the same place twice but for MAFS Australia groom Michael can be dumped by a groom twice. In what has to be the most unfortunate series of events it turns out that Michael was recruited to be on MAFS Australia last year, but had to quit as his groom walked out.

As reported in episode 357 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Michael was recruited for the show in 2023. One source explained: “Funny story, but Michael was cast on MAFS last year as well. Two days before he was leaving to film, his match pulled out as well. Then it happened again this year. What are the odds?”

This poor groom must have had the worst ever luck in the experiment’s history!

This year Michael was left heartbroken when his groom Simon decided to dramatically quit MAFS Australia 2024. John told Michael: “I’ve got some real disappointing and shocking news. After the Bucks and Hens Nights, your match decided to send us an e-mail saying he no longer wanted to be a part of the experiment.

“We, the experts, have not lost hope. We are now looking closely at new matches for you because we want to find you the fairytale.” Michael was then matched with Stephen and so far the two seem to have a very wholesome relationship, but who knows what will happen on the retreat…

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