Tori slams Sara and Lauren for ‘exploiting’ her in order to get more screentime on MAFS

And claimed Sara ‘talks a lot of sh*t’

MAFS Australia bride Tori has absolutely slammed her friendship with Lauren and Sara and revealed she no longer talks to the two of them. In the upcoming MAFS Australia retreat Sara will confide in Lauren and Tori that Jack was allegedly “flirting” with her, “smacking her bottom” and kissing her on the neck.

Tori told Daily Mail Australia she didn’t believe the claims and accused her co-stars of “exploiting their friendship” for more screen time. She explained: “I feel like when Sara made those comments, it was a real turning point for her and how much sh*t she can actually talk. The night before supposedly feeling very uncomfortable with Jack, she sat in the kitchen with myself and Jack eating snacks, b**ching about how Tim will never be enough for her.

“No, I don’t think they could give a sh*t about what was going on with Jack and I, and I think they used me as a justification to try and bring Jack down.” Tori explained how her friendship with Sara and Lauren declined as MAFS Australia went on.


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She explained: “We were close after the hen’s night and throughout Week one, but everything post dinner party where Jack makes a muzzle comment, we’re no longer as tight.There was no girl clique between myself, Sara, and Lauren. I know for a fact that there were lunches and dinners that those girls went on that I was not a part of. So the friendship that they’re trying to show and explain, it just wasn’t one that I was a part of.”

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