MAFS star Lucinda is now offering personal Zoom calls to give you life and dating advice!

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Have you ever wished you could get valuable life advice from fan favourite MAFS Australia 2024 bride Lucinda? Well, you’re in luck because she’s just launched her own monthly subscription service which offers just that!

The programme is called the Lucinda Light Tribe and is described as: “a nurturing space where Lu can prioritize your emotional well-being, relationships, and communication skills overlooked in our busy lives. This portal is where Lu will provide meaningful care and support to you.” I never thought I would want a MAFS Australia 2024 bride to support me but Lucinda is everything.

Via Lucinda Light

The subscription costs $27 (£13.96) per month and includes access to “Ask Lu” bimonthly live Zoom calls, a monthly publication of Lucinda’s thoughts and musings, giveaways and discounts on Lucinda Light merchandise as well as a resource page.

Lucinda also discussed her range of upcoming merchandise based on some of her most iconic phrases from MAFS Australia 2024. She explained: “I’ve got such a wild and beautiful merch line coming from my book, my emotional intelligence course, and T-shirts and hoodies with all my wacky sayings on them. But look, we’ll talk about that later.”

Lucinda is now the most followed MAFS Australia bride with almost 250k followers and is set to become one of the most successful participants to ever come out of the show. If she has any advice to give, I’m going to be there to hear it!

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