Jack fat-shames Tristan at MAFS Australia retreat and calls him a ‘whale’

‘It was so mean and horrible. No one could believe it’

Ugh as if Jack couldn’t get any worse, it turns out that the groom body-shames Tristan and compares him to a “whale” on the MAFS Australia 2024 retreat.

One cast member told So Dramatic! in episode 359 of their podcast: “Jack fat-shamed Tristan at the retreat. It was so mean and horrible. No one could believe it. Tristan’s such a nice guy. He didn’t deserve it. He’d done nothing to Jack to warrant that type of treatment from him.”


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And because of his ongoing insecurities Tristan “didn’t go anywhere near the pool” on the MAFS Australia 2024 retreat. Another cast member explained: “Tristan has huge body-image problems and insecurities which stem from him being overweight when he was younger. He gets really down on himself about it. At the retreat, everyone was down by the pool, and Tristan didn’t want to go anywhere near them because it looked like Love Island down there.”

They added: “Timothy felt bad for him and could empathise with how he was feeling because he’s also insecure and doesn’t have a six-pack like the rest of the grooms. So Timothy stayed with Tristan so that he wouldn’t be on his own. They were just hanging at the side of the house all day.”

Jack made the comment off-camera to both Tristan and Timothy, who had sat down fully clothed by the pool. Once they sat down Jack allegedly came up to them and said: “I see the whales are in town today.”

This man just keeps getting worse and worse.

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