Michael snapped at Sara because he was tired of her ‘never letting others speak’ on MAFS

‘I will always fight fire with fire if I need to’

Tensions were high during last night’s MAFS Australia 2024 retreat, as Michael and Stephen navigated the fallout of their relationship. During one moment around the firepit, Sara started defending Stephen’s actions before Michael snapped at her and quickly got very angry.

In an interview with HIT’s Bronte & Lakey for Breakfast Michael explained the reason why he got so angry with what Sara said to him during the MAFS Australia 2024 retreat. He said: “She’s obviously involved in a lot of drama and a lot of mess. That was a chance for me to hear from my friends and other people that I do like and that support me in that session.

“But, she sat right next to me and It just triggered me and I was like, ‘I’m done with this, you never give anybody else an opportunity to speak, get away from me.’ I will always fight fire with fire if I need to. There’s a lot of people on the show only there for drama and there’s people that are truly genuine there.”

The drama is set to continue tonight at the retreat as Eden will reveal a revelation about what one bride has been up to that will shake up the entire experiment, I can’t wait to find out what it is! Let’s just say Sara will definitely be receiving some major heat… bring on 7:30 already.

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